List of respondents

The following is an index to all candidates (52, out of 62 standing, i.e. 84%) who have submitted public responses. Click on the ward name to see them.

Response rates by affiliation (party) Response rate Responses Candidates
Conservative Party: 67% 10 15
Green Party: 77% 10 13
Independent: 100% 3 3
Labour Party: 100% 15 15
Liberal Democrat: 87% 13 15
UK Independence Party: Yes 1 1
Total: 84% 52 62

This list is ordered by ward and then surname.

Abbey [view responses]:

  • Eric William BARRETT-PAYTON (Conservative Party)
  • Oscar Edward GILLESPIE (Green Party)
  • Peter ROBERTS (Labour Party)

Arbury [view responses]:

  • Stephen Roger LAWRENCE (Green Party)
  • Charlotte PERRY (Labour Party)
  • Tim WARD (Liberal Democrat)

Castle [view responses]:

  • Sandra BILLINGTON (Green Party)
  • Fergus BLAIR (Liberal Democrat)
  • Tom BYRNE (Conservative Party)
  • Marie-Louise HOLLAND (Independent)
  • Mark A READER (Labour Party)

Cherry Hinton [view responses]:

  • Keith EDKINS (Liberal Democrat)
  • Timothy James HAIRE (Conservative Party)
  • Russ MCPHERSON (Labour Party)

Coleridge [view responses]:

  • Donald Marshall ADEY (Liberal Democrat)
  • Sam BARKER (Conservative Party)
  • Lewis HERBERT (Labour Party)
  • the dragon fairy PUFFLES (Independent)

East Chesterton [view responses]:

  • Peter BURKINSHAW (UK Independence Party)
  • Daniel Jacob JOHN (Conservative Party)
  • Zoe O'CONNELL (Liberal Democrat)
  • Peter Harry POPE (Green Party)
  • Peter SARRIS (Labour Party)

King's Hedges [view responses]:

  • Michael Philip POTTER (Green Party)
  • Martin SMART (Labour Party)
  • Ian TYES (Independent)
  • Neale UPSTONE (Liberal Democrat)

Market [view responses]:

  • Alex BOYD (Conservative Party)
  • Maximillian FRIES (Green Party)
  • Dan RATCLIFFE (Labour Party)
  • Colin Richard ROSENSTIEL (Liberal Democrat)

Newnham [view responses]:

  • Rod CANTRILL (Liberal Democrat)
  • Julia HARRISON (Green Party)
  • Sam WOLFE (Labour Party)

Petersfield [view responses]:

  • Sarah Elizabeth BROWN (Liberal Democrat)
  • Matthew John HODGKINSON (Green Party)
  • Richard ROBERTSON (Labour Party)
  • Ann SINNOTT (Labour Party)
  • Linda YEATMAN (Conservative Party)

Queen Edith's [view responses]:

  • John BERESFORD (Labour Party)
  • Joel Henry CHALFEN (Green Party)
  • Vince MARINO (Conservative Party)
  • Tim MOORE (Liberal Democrat)

Romsey [view responses]:

  • Dave BAIGENT (Labour Party)
  • Simon LEE (Conservative Party)
  • Paul Stuart SAUNDERS (Liberal Democrat)

Trumpington [view responses]:

  • Nicholas Brian AVERY (Liberal Democrat)
  • Ceri GALLOWAY (Green Party)
  • Richard Graham JEFFS (Conservative Party)
  • Tim SYKES (Labour Party)

West Chesterton [view responses]:

  • Ysanne Margaret AUSTIN (Liberal Democrat)
  • Mike SARGEANT (Labour Party)

Camcycle is a non-partisan body. All candidates are given an equal opportunity to submit their views. Information published by Camcycle (Cambridge Cycling Campaign), The Bike Depot, 140 Cowley Road, Cambridge, CB4 0DL.