Charity no. 1138098

Cambridge Cycling Campaign is now (as of 16th September 2010) a Charity, no. 1138098.

You can view our entry in the Register of Charities.

This follows the vote by members at the 2008 AGM to apply for charitable status.

Objects of the Charity

The Charity’s objects (the Objects) are:

to promote cycling for the public benefit in and around Cambridge as a means of furthering the following charitable purposes:

  1. the promotion of public health,
  2. the promotion of the conservation and protection of the environment,
  3. the promotion of cycling for the public benefit, by promoting, assisting, facilitating and protecting the use of bicycles and similar vehicles on public roads and publicly accessible routes,
  4. the promotion of public safety, particularly on the highways,
  5. the promotion of healthy recreation in the interests of social welfare, and
  6. the advancement of education

by whatever means the Trustees think fit, including the provision of cycling facilities, services, training, educational activities, and lobbying and campaigning in matters relating to cycling and other forms of transport.

New Constitution

The new Constitution is based on the model provided by the Charity Commission, with our subsequent changes shown in red, and with notes (which are merely for information) in the margin.

A summary of the significant changes from the previous constitution explains the key differences. For comparison: the old Constitution to 2010, which has now been replaced.

Advice for those considering standing as Committee members (Trustees)

Other guidance and reference documents

Charity policies

This is a list of internal policies related to the way that we operate as a charity can be viewed on our Charity Policies page.