Planning for cycling

The Greater Cambridge City Deal

The City Deal will transform Cambridge over the coming years – you can find out how we are responding to it.

Making Space for Cycling

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We have created a guide for developers on how to create high-quality cycle infrastructure. Making Space for Cycling (2014) was written by members of Cambridge Cycling Campaign on behalf of Cyclenation (the federation of cycle campaign groups). Providing space for cycling creates efficient and attractive places to live, but infrastructure must be suitable for everyone – people new to cycling as well as those who wish to cycle at speed, and it must avoid failed low quality solutions, such as narrow shared-use paths which mix cycles with pedestrians.

Our vision for the future of Cambridge

We have previously published two documents describing our vision for Cambridge.

  • Cycling Vision 2016 (published 2011). Key projects that could be delivered in the next five years that would make a significant difference to cycling in the Cambridge region
  • Cycling 2020 (published 2008). Why increased cycling is good for Cambridge, and the practical problems that need to be overcome to make it happen

We also support the Smarter Cambridge Transport (formerly Better City Deal) campaign for sustainable transport infrastructure in Cambridge and south Cambridgeshire, including measures for intelligent traffic management and public transport, as well as cycling. See the Smarter Cambridge Transport website for more information.

Design guides

We have compiled a list of key guides for developers, from ourselves, from government, and other organisations.

Position papers

We have a number of position papers which describe our policy on specific issues, some of which relate to planning and development.