Cycling Vision 2016

Innovative sustainable transport based around cycling is important for a city and its surrounding region. People who cycle are healthier, reducing the burden on health care, they are more productive, increasing the power of the local economy, and spend more money in shops, increasing profits.

This document proposes what Cambridge Cycling Campaign believe are the key projects that could be delivered in the next five years that would make a significant difference to cycling in the region. It is essential that investment in cycling continues if we are to increase rates of cycling and thereby see an efficient, environmentally-friendly city.

  1. Progress in recent years: Cambridge as a Cycling Demonstration Town
  2. Geographical Context
  3. Chisholm Trail – catering for the North-South axis
  4. Safety Improvements around the city: overview
  5. Corridor Improvements
  6. Junction Improvements
  7. Residential Speed Reduction
  8. Necklace Village Links
  9. Cycle Parking
  10. Conclusions

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Cambridge Cycling Campaign
Charity no. 1138098

Published April 2011