Camcycle’s primary focus is to work for a better cycling environment in and around Cambridge, in order both to increase the amount of cycling and to make it safer and more pleasurable. Much of this work is carried out by ordinary members as well as staff and the Board of Trustees. The following indicates the variety of areas in which we work.

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Some of our current campaigns

Sustainable Travel Zone Camcycle supports proposals for a Sustainable Travel Zone in Cambridge. Reducing car journeys* by 50% would be a positive step towards a city and region that is focused on people, rebalancing our streets in favour of sustainable transport choices that will protect local communities now and in the future.
Save Our Cycles We’ve joined with Cambridge City Council, Cambridgeshire Police and other local organisations to call on everyone who loves their cycle to ‘lock it and log it’ to keep their property safe. We want cyclists across the county to make sure they register their frame numbers online and always lock their cycles securely to help tackle cycle theft.
Spaces to Breathe We believe that people in the Cambridge region need spaces to breathe to allow them to stay safe, happy and healthy. This campaign works to achieve more safe space for cycling and walking during the coronavirus pandemic and beyond, so that more people feel able to choose active travel for everyday journeys, or spend time outdoors in the places where they live.
Chisholm Trail We have been campaigning for the Chisholm Trail, a transformative north-south route for cycling and walking, since 1998. Phase one is scheduled to be open at the end of 2021.
School Streets We’d like every child in Cambridgeshire to be able to walk, cycle or scoot safely to school. We work to promote the School Street initiative and help local schools and volunteers get involved.
Cambridge Station We’ve long been campaigning for more, better and safer walking and cycling links around Cambridge station including a safe link for the Chisholm Trail. We work on this campaign with other local groups including Smarter Cambridge Transport.
Mill Road We have a vision for a Mill Road which is a safe and pleasant place for residents and visitors. We want to create a street with reliable public transport which encourages more people to walk and cycle. We want to see thriving local businesses and a strong community.
Street Cycle Parking Our Street Cycle Parking project works to champion the need for space for on-street parking for bikes as well as cars.

Other information

You can find our view on how to design for cycling in Cambridge and beyond, or a full list of our policies.

For general campaigning resources, see the resources section (please note that some of this information is being amended to bring it up to date).

The latest news on our campaigning work can be found in our magazine and on our blog.