Discussion on Cyclescape

Cyclescape for discussions

We now use Cyclescape for discussions. Anyone can join Cyclescape, but you have to request membership of Cambridge Cycling Campaign’s cyclescape group to take part in discussions private to the group. After confirming your account, if you define your area of interest as anywhere in or near Cambridge, you will be offered a link under the map to join.

Alternatively, assuming you are a member, contact us and we will send you a Cyclescape invitation which will automatically subscribe you to Cambridge Cycling Campaign’s Cyclescape group when you accept it.

Cyclescape is an online forum with extras:

  • it has the advantage of being much more selective about what you want to receive or discuss. You can take part in as many or as few of the discussions as you like.
  • This can be geographically based. (So for example, when you find roadworks with a ‘Cyclist Dismount’ sign, rather then sending a widely broadcast email, you can create an ‘issue’ for it which says where it is on the map.)
  • You can opt in or out of each conversation separately. Once a discussion is going you can continue
    it on the Cyclescape website or by email (like a more finely-grained email list) as you prefer.
  • You can also attach photos and documents to the conversation, set deadlines, and tag them (so e.g. the tag ‘dismount’ could allow you to find other instances of unwarranted cyclist dismount signs), and search. And there is a library of supporting material as well.
  • You can also say (on a map) ‘only tell me about issues in Trumpington’ or ‘tell me about discussion related to my commuting route’ etc, or get everything concerning the group.

If you aren’t a Cambridge Cycling Campaign member, do join.

Older lists

Prior to June 2013, Cambridge Cycling Campaign had a number of mailing lists to which members could contribute. While these have now been superseded by Cyclescape, members can still access the old mailing list archives.

If you need to make a change to your old mailing list subscriptions, even though we no longer use them, please contact us.