Camcycle board of trustees 2021

Individual members of the Trustee Board are listed below and should generally be contacted via the main contact details of the Campaign.

Elections for Trustee positions are held every January at the Annual General Meeting (and at other times when a post becomes vacant), in accordance with the Campaign’s constitution. Any member of the Campaign can stand at the AGM for any post, whether it is currently filled or not.

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Camcycle Chair Robin Heydon Chair: Robin Heydon

I have lived in the Cambridge area for the last 19 years. I regularly cycle six miles to and from work. Having cycled in many other countries around the world, I have seen both great and not-so-great cycle infrastructure. Cambridge is still a long way from being a world-class city that I think it deserves to be. There are three things that we need to achieve to make Cambridge and its surrounding rural villages the best place to cycle in the world.

First, we need high quality cycle infrastructure in the places where people want to cycle. We need to make the case for a comprehensive primary network of cycle routes, segregated cycleways mainly along the main roads that link where we live to where we need to be. Second, we need to create policies that foster these aspirations including details sometimes forgotten such as cycle parking standards and wayfinding. And lastly, I intend to chair this charity to create a sustainable and strong future for this organisation that will become a respected and trustworthy critical friend to the councils, developers, and residents.

Camcycle Treasurer Peter Gotham Treasurer: Peter Gotham

I have been a cyclist and actively involved in ‘not for profit’ since student days in East London during the 1970s. Since then, I have worked on a professional or voluntary basis with organisations across much of the spectrum around the country, and internationally. Charities and social enterprises have moved to centre stage as engines of a move to a stronger society, but also as advocates for and protectors of our weaker members – and this has been reflected in the range of organisations I have worked with.

As a community activist I started an accounting practice and in 2011 my practice joined with a leading accounting practice, where I became head of Charities and Social Enterprise. I have been active on the national charity scene, including as a member of the 2015 SORP account setting committee, as well as writing and lecturing on a wide variety of subjects.

Camcycle Trustee Alessandra Caggiano Trustee: Alessandra Caggiano

I joined the Camcycle Board of Trustees in August 2020. One of the most exciting things about being involved in a project with so much history is  learning about the roots of the organisation. At the same time, the current campaigns require a lot of attention so I have been advising the team from a PR point of view in particular around the Mill Road campaign.

As an experienced Partnerships and Engagement Strategist, I am helping Camcycle generate proposals for new collaboration and investment opportunities with key stakeholders in our city and beyond. With over 15 years’ experience in project management, relationship building, business development, fundraising and communications, gained across the private, public and third sectors, I bring to Camcycle a wealth of expertise and connections. My experience of setting up and running two successful companies in Cambridge has taught me about resilience, entrepreneurial mindset and the power of partnerships.

In the past, I have held positions in arts development at Cambridge City Council, providing strategic support to cultural organisations across the city, and I have held lecturing positions at Anglia Ruskin University. More recently, I have become a mentor for Allia, a social enterprise incubator with offices in Cambridge, London and Peterborough, helping startups to build sustainable brand, partnerships & marketing strategies for their products. I am also a registered mentor at Cambridge Enterprise working within the Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences team.

Camcycle Trustee Matthew Danish Trustee: Matthew Danish

Our streets are major parts of our shared public space heritage and I believe they should be both safe and pleasant places for human beings of all ages and abilities. The transportation uses of streets can and should be balanced between the different modes and the other roles that streets serve. I believe we should put the needs of people above those of machines, and so we should prioritise walking and cycling above motor traffic. I also believe a pleasant and livable city is one where everyone feels safe and respected when they choose to walk or cycle around, without being overwhelmed or harmed by motor traffic. The classic, compact, verdant and historic form of Cambridge is incompatible with heavy usage of automobiles. Walking and cycling will always be the best, most convenient, and healthiest way of navigating this city.

I came to Cambridge from Boston, MA in 2015. When I moved here I joined Camcycle because I believe it is an organisation that shares my values. Since then I have been helping out with various efforts to campaign for better streets and facilities, such as helping organise strong responses to Milton Road, Histon Road, and Greenways as well as examining numerous planning applications.

Camcycle Trustee Sue Edwards Trustee: Sue Edwards

I’ve been helping with things like newsletter delivery since shortly after I joined the campaign in 2004. More recently I’ve been membership secretary since November 2014, which has meant that David Earl had time to develop a much better membership system for us and we’ve done lots of discussing and testing changes he’s made to that. I’ve enjoyed doing that and being able to contribute to helping the campaign continue to work well and improve life for cyclists in and around the Cambridge area.

My involvement with the magazine has expanded since I became responsible for coordinating distribution of the paper magazines from autumn 2018.

Camcycle Trustee Finlay Knops-McKim Trustee: Finlay Knops-Mckim

I became a Camcycle trustee in January 2020 and spent most of my first year learning the ropes and trying to help out with the administrative side where I can, along with trying to take ownership of some small campaigns.

I worked with local residents in Horningsea and Waterbeach to discuss temporary COVID measures on Clayhithe Road, co-authored press releases and blogs on the CAM and Coldham’s Lane roundabout, and put up the occasional bright green sign on the new modal filters. I have also engaged with one of the potential CAM design consortiums to ensure that Camcycle’s voice is heard, whatever the eventual outcome.

Last year I said I would like to engage more with young people around Cambridge. This has been put to one side owing to the pandemic crisis but I would like to pick this commitment up again once we can all get out and about.

Camcycle Trustee Christopher Loughlan Trustee: Christopher Loughlan

I have been a researcher/evaluator for the latter part of my professional career. I began in the education profession, gaining experience in secondary, further and tertiary education institutions. I am a Scot and moved to Cambridge some twenty years ago, to take up a post at Addenbrooke’s Hospital. Since that time, I have either worked in the NHS or for the NHS as an external client primarily undertaking education, research and evaluation-based commissions. More latterly, my work has moved to the area of entrepreneurship and innovation, specifically looking at evaluating scale and impact of small enterprise companies. I have travelled to Japan, study Japanese, and hope to make it over for the 2021 Olympics in Tokyo. I have designed and published an ‘Essential Guidebook to Japan’. I hold the grade of 2nd dan in the martial art of judo. I live in Fulbourn and so see the benefits of cycling and having relatively lower transport congestion. I did finish the 100m Tour of Cambridge but won’t be publishing my finish time. I love the freedom that cycling provides and therefore want to make my contribution to better and safer cycling (for all ages and abilities) throughout Cambridgeshire and beyond.

Camcycle Trustee Martin Lucas-Smith Trustee: Martin Lucas-Smith

I am a long-standing member, having seen and helped the Campaign grow over many years. I co-wrote Making Space for Cycling and have been involved in many campaigns. I am a web developer, working in Cambridge, and am one of the developers of the not-for-profit social enterprise CycleStreets which also runs Cyclescape and new projects, StreetFocus and WidenMyPath. As such, I bring skills related to technology, and to running a (not-for-profit) business.

2020 saw significant improvement to the policy and funding environment from national government, resulting in yet another busy but challenging year for our organisation. I was particularly involved in our Mill Road campaign. Major housing growth remains a significant issue to which we have to respond.

I believe strongly that the Campaign must continue to be member-led, and that member involvement, supported by staff, is critical to our success. I am particularly keen to focus on our project to publish a clear set of policies, as well as the overhaul of the website. I have strong interests in planning matters and have been working on technology improvements to improve scrutiny.


Camcycle Trustee Tom McKeown Trustee: Tom McKeown

I have been riding bikes nearly all my life, though you’d have been most likely to see me out on the woodland trails where I grew up. Utility riding really clicked when I moved to Cambridge for employment.

Since then I have become a parent to two young children. Riding with them has dramatically demonstrated the difference in routes I’m comfortable to ride on my own, compared to with them on my bike, or riding alongside on their own. This started my interest in cycle advocacy, initially through my @CyclingDadUK twitter account, then as a volunteer and for the last seven years trustee for Camcycle.

I see safe, protected space for cycling to be crucial for getting families like mine, and other not-yet-cyclists, out on cycles. I believe cycling is important for the physical health and mental well-being of all children; connecting them to their community and environment, and providing them independence as they grow.

Camcycle Trustee Alec Seaman Trustee: Alec Seaman

Just over 30 years ago, my stepfather convinced my mother to allow me to cycle, on my own, the one mile to my grandmother’s house – I believe if they were to have that conversation today, I’d be less, not more, likely to be setting off on my first solo ride.

Back then, I accepted that cycling was risky and took steps to protect myself on the roads. It wasn’t until I rode to Amsterdam in 2000 that I saw that it didn’t have to be that way – that proper cycle provision could enable far more people to travel safely and enjoy the freedom of cycling.

In the last ten years, I have been working to share my love of cycling with others, first as a committee member in the Royal Navy Triathlon Club, then as the Development Director with World Bicycle Relief (a registered cycling and mobility charity) and most recently a founder member of the Campaign against Two Silica Sites (CATSS). These experiences have not only consistently demonstrated that safety, or the lack of it, is the single biggest obstacle stopping people from cycling, but have provided me with a range of skills and knowledge that I can apply to support Camcycle as a trustee.