Individual members of the Trustee Board are listed below and should generally be contacted via the main contact details of the Campaign.

Elections for Trustee positions are held every January at the Annual General Meeting (and at other times when a post becomes vacant), in accordance with the Campaign’s constitution. Any member of the Campaign can stand at the AGM for any post, whether it is currently filled or not.

Read about Joining the Board of Trustees and find out more about our 2020 AGM.

Chair (and Charity Chair) : Robin Heydon

I have lived in the Cambridge area for over 20 years. I regularly cycle six miles to and from work. Having cycled in many other countries around the world, I have seen both great and not-so-great cycle infrastructure. Cambridge is still a long way from being a world class city that I think it deserves to be. There are three things that we need to achieve to make Cambridge and its surrounding rural villages as the best place to cycle in the world.

First, we need high quality cycle infrastructure in the places that people want to cycle. We need to make the case for a comprehensive primary network of cycle routes, segregated cycleways mainly along the main roads that link where we live to where we need to be.

Second, we need to create policies that foster these aspirations including details sometimes forgotten such as cycle parking standards and wayfinding.

And lastly, I intend to chair this campaign to create a sustainable and strong future for this organisation that will become a respected and trustworthy critical friend to the councils, developers, and residents.

Secretary : Willa McDonald

I have enjoyed organising the Reach ride and Camcycle’s monthly meetings. I also attended many stall bicycle events to help promote Camcycle’s message and encourage new members to join. I ran the event at the volunteer fair in October this year. I have also been interviewed on the radio. I also help out with the newsletter. I enjoy interacting with the public at events and am proud to promote our work.

Treasurer : Chris Howell

I have lived and cycled in Cambridge for more than 25 years, and been a member of Cambridge Cycling Campaign for more than a decade. My main campaign interests are building quality new cycle routes and capacity, getting exemplar support for cycling in new developments, particularly on green field sites, and cycle parking.

I am a Chartered Accountant who qualified whilst working at the Cambridge office of a large accountancy firm, and now work in finance for a couple of small tech companies, as well as serving on the board of a small local housing association. Previously I have been a Cambridge City Councillor, and worked in IT. I bring my skills and experience to help the campaign meet its financial reporting and regulatory requirements and plan its finances for future campaigning.

Alessandra Caggiano

Alessandra CaggianoAs an experienced Partnerships and Engagement Strategist, I will be helping Camcycle generate new collaboration and investment opportunities with key stakeholders in our city and beyond. With over 15 years’ experience in project management, relationship building, business development, fundraising and communications, gained across the private, public and third sectors, I bring to CamCycle a wealth of expertise and connections. My experience of setting up and running two successful companies in Cambridge has taught me about resilience, entrepreneurial mindset and the power of partnerships.

In the past, I have held positions in arts development at Cambridge City Council, providing strategic support to cultural organisations across the city, and I have held lecturing positions at Anglia Ruskin University. More recently, I have become a mentor for Allia, a social enterprise incubator with offices in Cambridge, London and Peterborough, helping startups to build sustainable brand, partnerships & marketing strategies for their products. I am also a registered mentor at Cambridge Enterprise working within the Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences team.

I have been a great supporter of Camcycle for many years and I joined the Board in 2020.

Matthew Danish

Our streets are major parts of our shared public space heritage and I believe they should be both safe and pleasant places for human beings of all ages and abilities. The transportation uses of streets can and should be balanced between the different modes and the other roles that streets serve. I believe we should put the needs of people above those of machines, and so we should prioritise walking and cycling above motor traffic. I also believe a pleasant and livable city is one where everyone feels safe and respected when they choose to walk or cycle around, without being overwhelmed or harmed by motor traffic. The classic, compact, verdant and historic form of Cambridge is incompatible with heavy usage of automobiles. Walking and cycling will always be the best, most convenient, and healthiest way of navigating this city.

I came to Cambridge from Boston, MA in 2015. When I moved here I joined Camcycle because I believe it is an organisation that shares my values. Since then I have been helping out with various efforts to campaign for better streets and facilities, such helping organise strong responses to Milton Road, Histon Road, and Greenways as well as examining numerous planning applications.

Sue Edwards

I’d been doing little bits of helping with things like newsletter delivery since shortly after I joined the campaign in 2004. More recently I’ve been membership secretary since November 2014, which has meant that David Earl had time to develop a much better membership system for us and we’ve done lots of discussing and testing changes he’s made to that. I’ve enjoyed doing that and being able to contribute to helping the campaign continue to work well and improve life for cyclists in and around the Cambridge area, and would be happy to continue doing so.

Finlay Knops-Mckim

Finlay Knops-MckimHaving been a resident of Cambridge for over three years, and more recently a member of Camcycle, I have come to understand how our city’s residents and visitors are being woefully under-served by our existing transport arrangements. I have also realised how our public spaces and streets can only be improved by the transition away from private motor transport wherever possible.

As a trustee, my aim is to promote better bike infrastructure and policy sets not just in isolation, but as part of a larger system of active transit and urban design aimed at making Cambridge a cleaner, healthier, and safer place to be. At my place of work, I have coordinated various bike-to-work events and secured extra perks for those commuting via active transit. Therefore, I am also keen to help Camcycle in enabling workers elsewhere to run and promote similar schemes.

I believe that engaging young people is key to any campaign’s success, so I plan to work with my fellow trustees and campaigners to encourage the participation of younger members. This should not just be students and science park workers, but those from the less represented parts of the Cambridge region where car ownership is an enforced and significant financial burden.

Martin Lucas-Smith

I co-authored our main policy document, Making Space for Cycling, the first cycle planning document to be backed by every national cycling organisation in the UK. It outlines a strong ‘Go Dutch’ approach, seeking usable and safe infrastructure that is suitable for people of any ability, age, confidence or travelling at any speed. Being a geographer, I advocate a strong urban design perspective as part of this. I believe we need to work with other bodies such as the Councils, acting as a critical friend, always advocating high-quality proposals (and backing these publicly), but not being afraid to criticise poor-quality compromises. In my Trusteeship role, I believe I can continue to offer useful input into regulatory requirements and organisational development matters. I have a strong interest also in use of cycling data and online technology for advocacy, through my work (separate to the Campaign) as Developer and Director of the not-for-profit social enterprise CycleStreets, which is (amongst other activities) developing Cyclescape for campaign groups around the UK, including Camcycle, and a new website, Bikedata, which provides easily-accessible visualisations of cycling-related data.

Tom McKeown

I have lived in Cambridge for over ten years having moved here for a ‘Silicon Fen’ tech job. In that time I have become parent to two young children. Riding with them has dramatically demonstrated the difference in routes I’m comfortable to ride on my own, compared to with them on my bike, or riding alongside on their own. I see safe, protected space for cycling to be crucial for getting families like mine, and other not-yet-cyclists, out on bikes. I believe cycling is hugely important for the physical health and mental well-being of all children; connecting them to their community and environment, and providing them independence as they grow.

I have previously been involved in the brand relaunch, producing recruitment leaflets and taking the stall bike out to events to encourage people to join the campaign. I have taken a lead on the stall bike refresh and I am proud to see our customised cargo bike with a strong presence at our events.

Alec Seaman

Alec SeamanJust over 30 years ago, my stepfather convinced my mother to allow me to cycle, on my own, the one mile to my grandmother’s house – I believe if they were to have that conversation today, I’d be less, not more, likely to be setting off on my first solo ride. Back then, I accepted that cycling was risky and took steps to protect myself on the roads. It wasn’t until I rode to Amsterdam in 2000 that I saw that it didn’t have to be that way – that proper cycle provision could enable far more people to travel safely and enjoy the freedom of cycling.

In the last ten years, I have been working to share my love of cycling with others, first as a committee member in the Royal Navy Triathlon Club, then as the Development Director with World Bicycle Relief (a registered cycling and mobility charity) and most recently a founder member of the Campaign against Two Silica Sites (CATSS). These experiences have not only consistently demonstrated that safety, or the lack of it, is the single biggest obstacle stopping people from cycling, but have provided me with a range of skills and knowledge that I believe I can now apply to support Camcycle as a trustee.