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Our partners’ programme provides local businesses who support our work and our aims with bespoke packages including social media publicity, discount on magazine advertising, dedicated news from Camcycle and employee discounts on Camcycle membership.

Please email us to find out more about partnering with Camcycle and we can design a package to meet your needs.



CDP logo and photo of cycling employeesCDP is a technology and design consultancy with a research and development centre just outside Cambridge. In summer 2021, it donated £5,000 to Camcycle to support our work for Spaces to Breathe and Zero Carbon Streets. The grant was provided as part of CDP’s 25th anniversary celebrations as they sought to mark the occasion by supporting five charities nominated by their employees.

“Our 25th anniversary is a time to reflect on our purpose and culture. Part of that reflection is to acknowledge the way the pandemic has put pressure on the health and wellbeing of those around us and to work to make a positive impact in our local communities. We’ve chosen a range of charities working tirelessly to improve lives locally and we hope our support helps their vital work.”
Chris Houghton, Partner and Head of FMCG

Read more about CDP’s work supporting employees to cycle in Camcycle magazine.
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arm logo and photo of two male employees wearing cycle helmetsArm is a global technology company headquartered in Cambridge. In summer 2020, it donated £5,000 to Camcycle to support our work for more, better and safer cycling for all. The grant was provided from Arm’s COVID-19 Community Fund, established to provide support to charities and nonprofit organisations serving those most significantly affected by COVID-19 in the communities surrounding Arm’s offices.

“Arm has always been a strong supporter of cycle commuting to the workplace, but COVID-19 has certainly been a key influence in encouraging more people to dust off their bikes and get out for that essential exercise regime during lockdown. I personally have experienced that finding fewer cars on the road has given me the confidence to get back on a bike. I was a little wobbly at first but am gaining confidence every time I venture out and really enjoying it.”
Jill Laughlin, Office Manager and travel for work lead

Read more about Arm and their support for cycling in Camcycle magazine.
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Outspoken Cycles

Outspoken Cycles logo and photos

Outspoken Cycles offers a range of cycling services – if it involves a bike we probably do it! We are specialist retailers in family and utility cycling with a broad range of cargo bikes, tandems and children’s bikes available to test ride. We also specialise in Cycle Maintenance Training, with a dedicated training workshop, and we also offer traditional workshop repairs. We work with many businesses and organisations to deliver Dr Bikes to keep employees riding into work, as well as offering fleet maintenance and fully managed pool bikes. Alongside these more traditional services we also have a range of fun pedal-powered events activities, from Smoothie Bikes to Pedal Powered Cinemas, inspiring people to get cycling.

Outspoken Cycles offer Camcycle members discounts of up to 15% on our training courses.

“Outspoken and Zedify are incredibly proud to partner with Camcycle and show our support for the great work they do. Working in the same building, we’ve been able to watch Camcycle grow and see their fantastic work across Cambridge and beyond. Camcycle’s values of better, safer and more cycling in and around Cambridge chimes closely across all the work we do, from zero emission last mile deliveries, through to cycling training and Dr Bikes in Cambridge businesses.” Mark Searle, Manager, Outspoken Cycles

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Outspoken Training

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Outspoken Training aims to inspire more people to cycle by equipping individuals with the skills, confidence and enthusiasm to ride more often. We run cycle training courses and initiatives throughout the country and have a dedicated team who make it their mission to show others how much (fun!) can be done on a bicycle.

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Zedify stands for zero-emissions delivery and was launched in 2018 by Rob King of Outspoken Delivery and Sam Keam of Recharge Cargo becoming the UK’s first national zero-emissions delivery service. Together with our ISO accredited IT partners Zedify has formed a growing network of zero-emission delivery hubs where goods are sorted into local, digitally-tracked delivery rounds and sent to their final addresses by specially adapted cargo bikes carrying up to 250 kilos – or electric vans if needed. Clients include online retailers, logistics carriers such as TNT as well as local businesses for across town deliveries. Our fleet of bikes, trikes and electric vehicles move thousands of items across congested cities every day – without the noxious emissions of diesel vans.

Zedify’s co-founder, Rob King, says: “Demand for deliveries to door and desk is booming, but our cities just can’t cope with ever-increasing numbers of diesel vans contributing to the toxic mix of poor air-quality and increased congestion. Businesses, especially retailers, need to step up and decouple the last mile of their deliveries to more sustainable services – which Zedify now enables them to do”.

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Mythic Beasts

Mythic Beasts logo Mythic Beasts Ltd operates and runs internet infrastructure in three countries with all staff working remotely. For occasional company meetings many staff prefer to cycle, often in conjunction with the train. This provides a greener, healthier and above all faster method of getting around Cambridge.

Founder Pete Stevens says: “I’ve cycled around Cambridge for decades. Over that time the facilities and routes have steadily improved, much of which is due to Camcycle’s relentless campaigning to improve all modes of transport in Cambridge”.


The Fellows House

The Fellows House is an apartment-style hotel on Milton Road. It shares a number of our publications with its residents in order to promote more, better and safer cycling in Cambridge.