Camcycle staff

Camcycle’s staff work alongside the board of trustees to grow the charity, support volunteers and increase Camcycle’s impact as it seeks to achieve more, better and safer cycling for all ages and abilities in and around Cambridge.

Roxanne De Beaux
Executive Director

Roxanne joined Camcycle in 2015 as our first employee. While at Camcycle, Roxanne has led a transformation of the organisation inside and out. Strategy, finance, fundraising, governance, branding and communications have all been improved resulting in growth of the charity and its reputation and influence. Her challenging role also includes the day-to-day running of the campaign, facilitation of volunteer activities and campaigning.Roxanne actively influences policy at both local and national levels.Roxanne is particularly passionate about the benefits “everyday” cycling can bring to people and the places they live. She campaigns for the infrastructure, policies and investment that will enable people of all ages and abilities to cycle safely with direct routes separated from cars. In 2017 Roxanne was recognised as one of Cycling UK’s 100 Women in Cycling.

Anna Williams, Camcycle Communications Officer Anna Williams
Communications and Community Officer

Anna began working for Camcycle in 2018 and is responsible for growing awareness of our work and increasing its impact through communications including our website and social media, quarterly magazine and inclusive events. She also helps to support and grow our community of members and volunteers – in practical ways and by developing our brand story and values so that everyone involved with Camcycle is proud to work with us for more, better and safer cycling.Anna has lived, worked and cycled in Cambridgeshire since 2001 and has three young daughters who provide daily motivation to create a sustainable, healthy and happy region for all.

Josh Grantham Josh Grantham
Infrastructure Campaigner

Josh joined our team in 2022, to help us expand our work with local communities. Josh leads on the Zero Carbon Streets project, providing technical support and campaigning advice to regional groups and helping them play their part in reducing Cambridgeshire’s carbon footprint from transport.Josh brings a wealth of experience in active travel, transport consultancy, sustainability and engineering and is passionate about cycling and using collaboration to develop the places of the future.

Rosamund Humphrey, Camcycle Administrative Officer Rosamund Humphrey
Administrative Officer

Rosamund supports Camcycle’s work in all areas including editing our quarterly magazine and streamlining our processes. Before joining the team in 2020, she spent a decade teaching English and working as Head of Department. She brings communication and organisational skills as well as several years of experience working on volunteer projects.Her young family lives locally and uses a combination of cargo, electric, balance and standard pedal bikes as its main modes of transport.

Sarah Ackroyd Sarah Ackroyd
Finance Assistant

Sarah joined Camcycle in 2023 to support and improve our accounting processes, ensuring our charity continues to be efficiently run and is sustainable for the future. She brings many years’ worth of book-keeping skills, honed during her time as co-owner of Cobs Bakery and working for Fitzbillies when they took over the business in 2018.Since moving to Cambridge with her husband and sons in 1999, cycling has become part of everyday life and she continues to enjoy her daily rides around the city.

Paid summer interns

Since 2018 we have had a paid summer internship programme. Our interns have worked on a range of projects with autonomy and responsibility and have made a huge difference to the work of our organisation. Projects have included the Cambridge Festival of Cycling, Cambridge Cycling Survey, cycling policy project, Street Cycle Parking campaign and Mill Road Summer. Our interns have gone on to successful careers in communications, policy and further education in masters programmes.