Annual reports


In 2023, we increased our work with individuals and groups in every district of the region. We worked closely with our partners in the Cambridgeshire Sustainable Travel Alliance to contribute positively to discussions on a Sustainable Travel Zone for Cambridge; although that scheme will not go ahead, we continue to press for action at every level to deliver safe, green and healthy streets.

Annual Report 2023
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In 2022, we acted on every aspect of our strategy: growing regional influence, creating agenda-setting campaigns, reaching out to local communities and nurturing a sustainable organisation. Campaigns included Love Cargo Bikes, Zero Carbon Streets and the launch of the Cambridgeshire Sustainable Travel Alliance.

Annual Report 2022

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We ended 2021 on a high with the opening of the Chisholm Trail, an amazing example of Camcycle’s work. The year also saw many other campaign successes including the opening of the new CYCLOPS roundabout on Histon Road. Our new campaign for Zero Carbon Streets aims to help Cambridgeshire communities work together for a green recovery from Covid-19 and to play our part in reducing carbon emissions.

Annual Report 2021

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2020 has been very challenging but, looking back, it could turn out to have been an important inflection point for cycling and our charity. Our call for Spaces to Breathe was one of the most important and influential campaigns we have ever worked on.

Annual Report 2020

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In 2019 we increased our impact, worked with new partners including Tees Law and Continental Tyres, and set out our vision for 2020, our 25th anniversary year. Find out more about what we do and how we do it as well as highlights from 2019 and the last 25 years of our organisation.

Annual Report 2019

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2018 was a big year of change and celebration for the charity. Our annual review charts our successes from the Chisholm Trail to the Cambridge Festival of Cycling.

Annual Report 2018

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Our first ever full Annual Report was released at the 2017 AGM and is packed with information about our achievements over the year and strategic plans for the future.

Annual Report 2017

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