About the Campaign

The Campaign

Cambridge Cycling Campaign is a charity run by volunteers. Founded in 1995, our aim is safer, better and more cycling in the Cambridge area, where about half of the local population uses a bike at least once a month. Many of the cycle facilities such as paths, lanes, traffic signals, bridges and cycle parks would not exist without the work done by our members.

Our vision

Our report Cycling Vision 2016, published in 2011, describes the key projects that we think could be implemented in the next few years, and that would transform cycling in the area. These include the Chisholm Trail, a cycleway alongside the railway line connecting the Science Park to Addenbrooke’s; cycleways alongside major roads separated by kerbs from both the road and the footway; and improvements to the most difficult and hostile junctions. We also wrote Making Space for Cycling, a comprehensive guide for developers on how to create friendly, usable and safe infrastructure for cycling.

How can I help?

Join us! The Campaign is one of the biggest membership organizations in Cambridge, with around 1,450 members. Every new member helps to give us credibility with local politicians and adds weight to our case when negotiating for better facilities. The membership fee supports the campaign’s expenses – in particular, it helps pay for our employee.

The benefits of membership include: a newsletter with a wide range of articles (an invaluable source of information on local cycling issues); possible discounts at some cycle stores; monthly meetings with speakers and the ability to have your say about cycling matters.

How can I get involved?

It is difficult to cycle around Cambridge without cycling on or next to something campaign members have worked on. If you are willing to contribute, then you can have a real impact on our streets and help benefit other people’s lives, not to mention the planet.

We always need more people to help prepare responses to council consultations; help produce and distribute the newsletter; marshal rides; staff the campaign stall at fairs; and much else. You can read more about what you can do to help. Much of our work is organized using our online discussion forum, Cyclescape, so please do sign up for it if you’d like to be more involved. Or send us a message using our usual contact details.


We have a regular meeting, on the first Tuesday of the month. This takes place at the Friends’ Meeting House on Jesus Lane (near the traffic lights). The meeting usually involves discussion of current campaigns or other topical local cycling issues, and sometimes has a speaker. All members and non-members are welcome to attend these meetings.

We organize occasional social rides. In particular, in each of the last few years, we’ve led a ride from Cambridge to Reach Fair, accompanied by the Mayor and a few hundred Cambridge residents.

Examples of current or recent major campaigns

Much of our work involves lobbying local government – see the Campaigning section for more information on our activities. Here are a few examples.

The City Deal

The City Deal is likely to transform Cambridge over the next few years. We are working with the Smarter Cambridge Transport campaign, as well as preparing consultation responses to individual City Deal projects.

The Chisholm Trial

A roughly north/south path that connects the railway station with a new crossing over the Cam, ending close to the new Cambridge North Station. The Trail will have many access points along the way and has the benefit of being able to pass under several busy roads.

Milton Road

Milton Road is likely to be remodelled as part of the City Deal. We are working with local residents to ensure that the road and its junctions are safe and usable for walking and cycling.

The Cambridge North Railway Station

We campaigned to ensure that the Cambridge North station has rapid and safe cycle access, as well as good cycle parking.

Cambridge Station Cycle Park

The new cycle park at the railway station, with approximately 2800 spaces, was completed in 2016. But previously cycle parking at the station was desperately inadequate, and we campaigned on this for many years.

Campaign membership costs

Joining us gives the organization more political weight when negotiating with the authorities. Our work has helped to make Cambridge the most cycled city in the nation.

If our standard rates are too expensive, we’d still like you to join at the Budget rate (though we won’t be able to send a printed newsletter). On the other hand, if you can afford it, please consider joining at our Donor rate.

  • Individual: £17.50
  • Household: £22.50
  • Donor: £100
  • Budget (per person): £3.50

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