About us

Camcycle (the Cambridge Cycling Campaign) is a local charity which has been working for more, better and safer cycling in the Cambridge area since 1995. Our work is guided by the board of trustees and our staff team with much of what we do achieved by our dedicated volunteers. Many of the cycle facilities such as paths, lanes, traffic signals, bridges and cycle parks in the region would not exist without the campaigning of our members.

Our vision

Camcycle would like to see a thriving and sustainable region of healthy, happy people where everyone feels able to enjoy the benefits of cycling. You can find out more about our vision and current work in our latest annual report. Six values guide our work and our cycling policies detail the changes that are needed to achieve this vision.

How can I help?

Join us! Camcycle is one of the biggest membership organisations in Cambridge, with over 1,500 members. Every new member helps to give us credibility with local politicians and adds weight to our case when negotiating for better facilities. Membership subscriptions support all aspects of the work we do.

The benefits of membership include: a magazine with a wide range of articles (an invaluable source of information on local cycling issues); regular email updates on local cycling news; discounts at some cycle stores; monthly meetings with speakers and the ability to have your say about cycling matters.

How can I get involved?

It is difficult to cycle around Cambridge without cycling on or next to something our members have worked on. If you are willing to contribute, then you can have a real impact on our streets to help benefit other people’s lives and the wider environment.

We always need more people to help prepare responses to council consultations; help produce and distribute the newsletter; marshal rides; staff the stall bike at fairs; and many other things. You can read more about what you can do to help. Much of our work is organized using our online discussion forum, Cyclescape, so please do sign up for it if you’d like to be more involved. Or send us a message using our usual contact details.


All are welcome to Camcycle’s events – both members and non-members are invited to attend. See the events page for more details of our upcoming activities.


Here are a few examples of some of our current campaigns. See the campaigning section for more information on our recent activities.

Save Our Cycles

We’ve joined with Cambridge City Council, Cambridgeshire Police and other local organisations to call on everyone who loves their cycle to ‘lock it and log it’ to keep their property safe. We want cyclists across the county to make sure they register their frame numbers online and always lock their cycles securely to help tackle cycle theft. Find out more on our bike marking webpage.

Spaces to Breathe

We believe that people in the Cambridge region need spaces to breathe to allow them to stay safe, happy and healthy. This campaign works to achieve more safe space for cycling and walking during the coronavirus pandemic and beyond, so that more people feel able to choose active travel for everyday journeys, or spend time outdoors in the places where they live.

Chisholm Trail

We have been campaigning for the Chisholm Trail, a transformative north-south route for cycling and walking, since 1998. Phase one is now open.

School Streets

We’d like every child in Cambridgeshire to be able to walk, cycle or scoot safely to school. We work to promote the School Street initiative and help local schools and volunteers get involved.

Campaign membership costs

Membership ensures that we can continue to work for more, better and safer cycling for all ages and abilities in and around Cambridge. Membership subscriptions help support Camcycle’s expenses including our office, the work of our three part-time employees and campaigning costs such as printing and room hire. We offer a range of membership types to enable everyone to be a member, no matter how much they can give. We are a democratic organisation and value each member’s voice.

  • Individual: £17.50
  • Household: £22.50
  • Donor: £100
  • Budget (per person): £3.50

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