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This article was published in 2018, in Newsletter 137.

Election survey

City council elections are coming up in early May and we are ramping up our usual election survey for the candidates. Stay tuned to our website for more information. Voter registration deadline 17 April. Polling day 3 May.

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Planning Applications

17/1771/FUL, site of ‘The Tivoli’

An application was submitted for 16 flats with 25 bedrooms above commercial space for this burned-out building. We submitted an objection under policy 8/6 because the proposed cycle parking only claimed to be able to hold 10 cycles and the space was clearly too small even for that. Permission was refused under delegated powers on 13 March.

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17/2111/FUL, John Bingham Lab

This application to build a laboratory will also create part of the orbital cycleway between Huntingdon Road and Histon Road. We responded to ensure the quality of the cycleway, note a minor flaw in the design of the cycle parking for the lab and to object to a problematic driveway interrupting the cycle lanes on Lawrence Weaver Road. These have been addressed in the revised application that was recommended for approval at committee on 14 March.

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Snow knowing

Snow reveals just how excessive the amount of tarmac is at the Highworth Avenue roundabout on Milton Road.
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Operation ‘Velo’

Cambridgeshire Constabulary have begun their own programme to monitor ‘close passes’ of people cycling, with help from Cycling UK and the ideas of the West Midlands Police. Their Operation ‘Velo’ also will look for drivers using handheld mobile devices, not wearing seatbelts and for any road user disobeying red lights. For the trial run that was reported in the papers, they worked along Gonville Place and at the junction with Hills Road. They plan to collaborate with officers from Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire and run similar exercises there, then gather all the lessons and create a regular programme. We recommended some additional locations where close passes are frequent and problematic. We also discussed improving communications with the public. In particular, the reporting of collisions with less serious injuries, for which incidents and details are often lost because of confusion about proper procedure for the parties involved.

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Walking and cycling investment strategy safety review

DfT invites all those with an interest in improving the safety of cyclists and pedestrians to provide evidence, drawing on experience from the UK or other countries, that can be used to shape future policy decisions. Deadline 1 June.

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Cambridge south east transport study

The Greater Cambridge Partnership have identified three strategies which would help deliver faster, more reliable and sustainable public transport options for journeys between Cambridge and the area to the south east, with various implications for nearby cycle routes. The project was previously known as ‘A1307, Three Campuses to Cambridge’. Deadline 9 April.

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Hobson Avenue junction
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Busway junction with Hobson Avenue

When developers installed this new junction in Trumpington and turned on the traffic signals, we discovered that the very minor road is given the default green light while people walking and cycling along the busy path are shown a red man. The button can take 25 seconds to change the lights even when no vehicles are coming. We are discussing short- and long-term fixes for this inequitable situation.

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Histon Road project update

The latest Greater Cambridge Partnership (GCP) report on Histon Road includes a protected junction design at Gilbert Road, and a partly protected junction design at Victoria Road. Full segregation is to be maintained between footways and cycle‐ ways at all locations. Cycle lanes similar to Huntingdon Road will be used on part of the road, in other places there will be advisory cycle lanes, and the southern end is still under consideration. At the time of this writing, the GCP is weighing whether to allow parking in cycle lanes near Domino’s. Also, the side‐road junctions seem to give cars priority over pedestrians. At the Joint Assembly we asked for walking priority to be provided at side‐road junctions and expressed concern over the sections of road with bus lanes next to a 1.5m cycle lane. We posed the question: could children safely cycle here – and their grandparents as well? Our goal is a scheme that achieves inclusive and attractive provision for walking and cycling.

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