Press releases

Press releases issued by the Campaign are issued here.

All these press releases have been formally approved by the Committee in accordance with the Constitution and represent the policy of the Campaign.

The press release archive for 2006 and earlier years has not yet been updated. Please bear with us.


Month Reference Subject
June 060619 Cambridge falling behind in cycling


Month Reference Subject
January C05005 Historic decision for the historic core

Older press releases

Here are some of the many press releases we’ve issued since June 1995.

Date Subject
28th November 2002 Proposed bus lane will increase conflict
13th October 2002 ‘Do Motorists know their Highway Code?’
June 2002 Fun for all at Bike Week 2002
25th October 2001 ‘Entirely inadequate’ access arrangements for proposed cycle bridge at Coldhams Lane
June 2001 Chris Boardman opens bicycle roadshow
22nd March 2001 Cycling exceptions in one way streets
27th June 2000 Golden Bell and Chocolate Chain 2000 Award Winners
17th April 2000 No motorbikes in Cambridgeshire bus lanes
23rd December 1999 Cambridge Transport Campaigners visit Downing Street
11th October 1999 Advertising Standards Authority upholds Cambridge Cycling Campaign’s complaints about car adverts
12th October 1998 Press Release on the Science park Survey results, and our objections to the planned closure of access via Garry Drive.
1st July 1998 Cycling Campaign welcomes 500th member
8th June 1998 Wednesday is Bike To Work day
4th June 1998 Cycles with a difference in National Bike Week – Sunday
2nd June 1998 Local attractions say ‘come by bike in national Bike Week’
September 1997 Cycling Campaign to present Golden Bell to Cycling Promoter
17th July 1997 Cycling Campaign to present Anglia Railways with “Golden Bell” award
13th June 1997 Golden Bell and Chocolate Chain ’97 Award Winners
12th June 1997 Cycling Campaign to address County Council’s Environment & Transport Committee
8th June 1997 Cycling Campaign plays ‘Pothole Golf’
June 1997 Can Cambridge Double Cycling by 2002?
June 1997 Archive Film Show for National Bike Week
29th May 1997 Cycling Campaign launches ‘Cycling Oscars’
31st April 1997 Parliamentary Candidates and Cycling