Spaces to breathe

Spaces to Breathe campaignCamcycle believes that people in the Cambridge region need spaces to breathe to allow them to stay safe, happy and healthy.

During the coronavirus pandemic we want to help people stay active while protecting themselves and others, by identifying areas where it is hard to maintain safe distances from other people when walking or cycling and proposing temporary measures to reallocate space away from motor traffic. This helps widen existing walking and cycling routes and provides alternatives to those that are busy or narrow. It also reduces speeding (and the risk of collisions) and helps to encourage more people to choose active travel for their everyday journeys, freeing up space on public transport and space on the roads for those who most need to use motor vehicles.

Our Spaces to Breathe open letter and suggestion form for improvements together with our presentation including a new Quick CAM concept for cycling generated positive action from local decision-makers in 2020.  Local authorities gained government funding for Covid-19 experimental measures across Cambridgeshire and have begun several street scheme trials which include bus gates, modal filters, pop-up cycle lanes, pavement widening and School Streets.

Now we need local communities to show their support for existing schemes, champion new proposals, suggest more ideas and work with local councillors to improve and shape the areas where they live and travel.

UPDATE JULY 2021: Cambridgeshire County Council have published consultations on nearly twenty small schemes which could make a big difference to safer walking and cycling. Find out more on our blog and share your views at

Areas of focus include:

Mill Road bus gate – we need you to share your postive experiences on Mill Road and help us work for improvements to the scheme. Read more about what we’re asking for on our blog.

Cambridge city modal filters – please  write to the Greater Cambridge Partnership in support of modal filters on Carlyle Road (right), Luard Road, the Newtown area, Nightingale Avenue and Storey’s Way, and the extended bus gate restriction on Silver Street. Read more about these schemes on our blog.

School Streets – could you champion a School Street near you? Watch our video to be inspired.

Arbury Road East – support the local residents’ association by signing the petition for a modal filter on this busy street. Read more about Arbury Road on our blog.

Coldhams Lane join the discussion on our members’ forum on how to reduce motor traffic on this residential road.

We’re also working with regional groups including Milton Cycling Campaign, Ely Cycling Campaign and the Huntingdonshire Walking & Cycling Group to support schemes across the county.

With more spaces to breathe, we can ensure that:

  • People who need to cycle to, or for, work, including healthcare workers and cycle couriers can stay safe during the pandemic
  • People who need to travel for other essential journeys, such as going to school or visiting the shops, have the space they need to do this safely while protecting themselves and others
  • People who would like to take daily exercise for the benefit of their physical and mental health are able to enjoy this time without the worry of struggling to stay a safe distance from others on popular routes
  • We all continue to support our healthcare workers by reducing the burden on the NHS from both coronavirus and road collision patients.

 Follow the latest news and developments on this campaign.


Take action!

Cyclists negotiating the anti-terrorism barrier on King's Parade

Fill in the consultation surveys today

Do you find it safer and more pleasant to walk, cycle and spend time outside since experimental measures have been installed? Have you noticed that the air is cleaner and it’s easier to keep a safe distance from others when walking or cycling?

Please send comments about the Mill Road bridge scheme, experimental modal filters in Cambridge and other Covid-19 active travel measures in the county to Email your local councillors too – tell them what you think and share your ideas for the future.

Cyclists negotiating the anti-terrorism barrier on King's Parade

Sign our Spaces to Breathe open letter

We’re calling on our decision-makers to take urgent steps to ensure we have safe networks and infrastructure for walking and cycling so that people can make essential journeys and get their vital exercise as safely as possible now and when our city reopens. Please ask your friends, families, colleagues and organisation leaders to sign this letter. Read the full letter at

Narrow bridge at Jesus Green lock

Share your issues and ideas

We want to know about the areas in and around Cambridge where you are having trouble maintaining a safe distance from others when walking and cycling. Do you have ideas for places where local authorities could we widen existing routes or provide new ones? Fill in our Spaces to Breathe suggestion formemail us your views or share with us on our Twitter or Facebook pages. Camcycle members can also join the discussion on our online forum, Cyclescape.

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Contact us about this campaign

If you’d like to know more about this campaign, can help as a volunteer, are a member of an organisation who’d like to work in collaboration with us or are from a publication who would like a statement or press release about this campaign, please get in touch.

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Join Camcycle

Become a member and help us campaign for a better city and the local cycling issues you care about. Members receive weekly email updates, four issues of our quarterly magazine, access to Cyclescape, our online member forum, and discounts at local bike shops.

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Donate to the campaign

We’re a charity, and promotion and materials are part of our campaigning costs. Your donations can help us spread the word about this campaign and produce materials to further the project’s aims.