In the past, much of the Campaign’s strategic planning and business was conducted by subgroups using email lists. The following is a list of these (now defunct) email-based subgroups.

We no longer use the email list system – we now use Cyclescape for discussions.

Arbury Park Looking at changes in and around this development
Bike Week Organising events for Bike Week in June
Core scheme Looking at changes as part of this ongoing scheme for traffic control in the city centre
Crossings Looking at proposals for changes to toucan and other crossings
Cycle Parking Improving cycle parking provision throughout Cambridge
Highway code Looking at the effect of changes to the Highway Code on cyclists
Membership drive Looking at ways to increase our membership
Madingley Road Considering changes to this corridor
Milton Road Considering and monitoring changes in this area
Obstructions Opposing obstructions on cycle routes
Park & Ride Looking at the proposed Milton Park & Ride
Rebranding Issues relating to possible rebranding of the Campaign
Station Monitoring and responding to proposals for changes in this area

Subgroups are asked to keep minutes, and to report back to our monthly meetings.

Previous subgroups

There is also an archive of dormant/completed subgroups.