Cycling Campaign to present Anglia Railways with “Golden Bell” award

PRESS RELEASE: July 17th, 1997: For immediate release

Cambridge Cycling Campaign will present Anglia Railways with the “Golden Bell” award made to them during National Bike Week. Cycling Campaign co-ordinator Clare Macrae will make the presentation to Clive Morris, Anglia Railways’ Customer Service Manager, on Tuesday July 22 at 10.00 am at Cambridge railway station, platform 5.

Members of the Campaign made the award because of Anglia’s programme of conversion of their trains to carry bikes. Anglia has also recently announced that the cost of taking a bike on a train will be reduced from £3 to £1.

Anglia operates out of Cambridge on the line via Newmarket and Bury St Edmunds to Ipswich, and their trains are all being fitted with four bike racks.

The bikes on trains scheme was part funded by the Department of Transport’s cycle challenge initiative, with support from Cambridgeshire County Council, as well as Suffolk and Norfolk. The Rural Development Commission, the former British Rail Community Unit, and the cyclists lobby group CPAG were also partners in the project. The scheme has already earned Anglia the first “Cycle Mark” from cycling organisations for good practice with cycles on trains.

Clare Macrae said: “After years of ever decreasing access to trains by bike, under British Rail, Anglia Railways is reversing the trend and taking a positive line on these two forms of transport, which complement each other so well. The price reduction also makes commuting with a bike, say Newmarket to Cambridge or vice-versa, much more reasonable – previously taking a cycle cost nearly as much as the passenger fare.”


For further information, contact:

  • Clare Macrae, Cambridge Cycling Campaign: 01223 336024 (w), 01223 501050 (h)
  • Anglia Railways Press Office: 0171 465 9009