Golden Bell and Chocolate Chain ’97 Award Winners

Press Release: June 13 1997, for immediate use.

Cambridge Cycling Campaign tonight announced the results of its Golden Bell and Chocolate Chain awards for National Bike Week, which were launched just over a week ago at Hobbs Pavilion Restaurant on Parker’s Piece, (sponsors of the Cyclists Breakfast last Wednesday). The awards were prepared to give people a chance to say what they liked most and least about cycling in Cambridge, with a serious message but presented in a friendly way.

Six Golden Bells for positive measures for cyclists were awarded:

  • The cattle grids at Midsummer Common (Cambridge City Engineers). These simple devices received by far the most nominations, showing that attention to detail is so important when making provision for cycling. Previously access was through gates or pinch stiles (pram arms). (Cyclists also said thank you for the recent resurfacing of the path on the common).
  • Anglia Railways, for their positive attitude in providing for bikes on trains. They have recently equipped most of their trains with proper places for bikes.
  • The new Bridge Street and Magdalene Street arrangements (Cambridgeshire County Council), which have made cycling north of the town centre so much easier and pleasanter.
  • The Madingley Road Park & Ride site cycle lockers (Cambridgeshire County Council). This was a new initiative giving people the opportunity to leave their bikes securely overnight and park and cycle into the City.
  • The red surfacing in the cycle lane and arrangement of the left turn lane on East Road leading to the junction with Mill Road (Cambridgeshire County Council). This makes a strong positive statement to motorists that they are crossing the path of a bike to turn left while avoiding the difficult and intimidating manoeuvre for a bike of moving a lane to the right.
  • A special award for Anne Taylor, the Cycle Friendly Employers’ Cycling Promoter, for services to cycling in the Cambridge area.

Chocolate Chains for the not-so-good were awarded to:

  • Inconsiderate Road Users, both motorists and cyclists. While outside the original brief, this attracted a number of nominations, so we felt we had to include it. Many cyclists complain about the inconsiderate behaviour of other road users, both on four wheels and two.
  • West Anglia Great Northern, for putting stickers on bikes at the railway station saying “park your bike in the places provided” when there are no spaces available. More bike parking here is essential.
  • The junction of Malcolm Street and Hobson Street (Cambridgeshire County Council). This receives a thumbs down because it is so hard to see and understand what you are supposed to do here on a bike.
  • The Burleigh Street / Fitzroy Street Bike Ban. Clearly this still rankles among cyclists, especially the inadequate alternative route.

A 20 minute video illustrating the winners was prepared by campaigner Simon Nuttall, and shown just before the Cycling Campaign’s National Cycling Strategy discussion event for National Bike Week.

Simon said: “We received around a hundred nominations altogether, covering a very wide range. They came from members of the Campaign and members of the public, especially the 150 people who came to the Cyclists Breakfast at Hobbs Pavilion.”