Cargo bikes in Cambridgeshire

Cargo bikes can provide powerful and cost-effective solutions to environmental, logistical, traffic and social challenges. They are available in a range of forms, with or without electric assistance, and enable easy and efficient options for the transport of cargo or people. Cargo bike use is growing fast in Cambridgeshire and the future is exciting.

What are cargo bikes?

Cargo bikes are cycles that have been specially designed to carry loads. They can have two, three or four wheels and can come with or without electric assistance to make them easier to pedal. There is a wide range of designs. Some cargo bikes have a cargo box or cabin (open or enclosed) in front of the rider. Others carry their loads on an extended ‘tail’ behind the saddle. Children and goods can also be transported in a trailer towed by a standard cycle or cargo cycle.

Oxwash cargo bikeCargo bikes carry a wide variety of loads, with some carrying as much as a small van. Many people in Cambridge use cargo bikes on a daily basis to transport their children around the city. Local businesses use cargo bikes to deliver food, wine and beer, flowers and laundry, among other goods. There are also local tradespeople – gardeners, decorators and a carpenter – who operate by bike and a growing number of kiosk bikes selling refreshments on the go, such as coffees and ice lollies.

Why choose to cargo cycle?

Hugh Salt waving as he rides a Bakfiets

  • A cargo bike is an excellent choice if you need to get somewhere on time, whether delivering a package to a customer or a child to school. You are much less likely to get stuck in traffic on a cargo bike than in a car or van, as you can travel in cycle lanes past stationary vehicles or avoid the queues by using paths and streets where motor vehicle access is restricted.
  • It’s easier to find a spot to unload or leave a cargo cycle, than park a car, so you don’t need to worry about how much time it will take you to find a parking space.
  • Cargo cycling is much better for the environment than driving. Cargo bikes (including e-cargo bikes) have a very low carbon footprint and do not cause air or noise pollution while in use.
  • It is often cheaper to run a cargo cycle than a car or van. Both the initial outlay and the running costs are usually lower.
  • Using a cargo bike for everyday journeys keeps you fit and boosts your mood.
  • Cargo cycling is liberating and fun!

Cargo cycling for businesses and families

Families in Cambridge use many different types of cycle to carry children and other cargo including cargo bikes with boxes and cabins, midtail and longtail bicycles, child bike seats, trailers, tandems and adapted cycles. Find out more about the range of child-carrying cycles and where to go for test rides, cycle hire, loan schemes and cycle training.

Read more on our cargo bikes for families page, where you can also watch our video guide to cargo cycling with children.

Cycle courier (© Zedify)The use of cargo bikes by businesses delivers action on climate change and benefits for local communities and businesses. Cargo bikes offer an efficient, low-carbon transport solution for people and goods and are often faster and cheaper than motor vehicles in urban areas. Read Camcycle’s draft policy on cargo bikes for businesses.

Read more on our cargo bikes for businesses page where you can watch our video guide to business by bike and find information about trying a cargo cycle for your business.

Our business by bike directory is a growing list of local organisations which use cycles for work journeys and deliveries.

Cambridgeshire cargo bike stories

The go-everywhere, carry-everything family vehicle!

Read how Cambridge’s own Hugh Salt brought the first Dutch-style bikes to the UK and kick-started a cargo bike revolution. See how a cargo bike transformed Clare’s life in Cambridge with three children for the better. Sarah explains how she switched from car dependency to cargo bike joy. Laura recounts how she kept on cycling as her family grew in size and her kids grew up. Harry describes his experiences trialling a cargo bike for the first time.

Sustainable and efficient transport for businesses

The time has come for an e-cargo bike revolution! Iconic British brand Raleigh explains why.

Many Cambridge businesses already benefit by operating by bike. Tradesperson Sam Groves explains how he hasn’t looked back since he switched his business to bike seven years ago. Read about the experiences of Calverley’s Brewery, local painter and decorator Kevin Sampson, Oxwash, and Stir Bakery.

Zedify carries out a large number of zero emission deliveries by cargo bike in Cambridge and across the UK. Online retail platform Click It Local delivers goods from independent retailers to customers in Cambridge by bike.

Local Heroes: Visit our YouTube channel to view videos of local families and businesses sharing the joy of cargo cycling. This content has been produced as part of City Changer Cargo Bike, a Horizon 2020 Cycle Logistics programme delivered in partnership with Cambridgeshire County Council.

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