21st century deliveries

This article was published in 2020, in Magazine 148.

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To achieve zero carbon emissions from transport, big changes are needed to deliveries. Click It Local founder Stephen Kock explains how their cycle-only service supports shoppers and businesses around Cambridge.

This is how Click It Local works: Cambridge customers can order anything from their favourite local independent shops, on one website, with one payment, and have it all delivered to their doorstep in one consolidated delivery.

The main reason why bikes work so well for Click It Local is that they are super-practical. They help us to avoid congestion, meaning that we can move between shops and people quickly and deliver the level of speed and convenience that today’s consumers expect. In today’s market, it’s critical that independent retailers can offer efficient delivery services if they are to compete with bigger businesses.

As well as being really practical, zero-emission bikes help to limit our carbon footprint, which is something we’re passionate about. The businesses we work with care about this too, and there is significant, increasing customer demand for environmentally sound buying and selling. The desire for ethical consumption also means that many people feel strongly about supporting their high streets. Operating locally and by bike means that customers who need quick, online shopping can use Click It Local to support their community.

In an ideal world there would be a joined-up network of delivery routes for cargo bikes with distribution hubs en route

Although we love using bikes for their practical and ethical gains, our geographical reach is limited. In an ideal world, there would be a joinedup network of delivery routes, suitable for the larger cargo-style bikes, with distribution hubs en route. This would mean, for example, that someone in Ely could order things from an independent shop in Cambridge and that Cambridge cycle couriers could coordinate collection from the shops; that the Ely and Cambridge cycle couriers could travel from their geographical bases to meet at a hub where the items could be transferred and cycled back to Ely for delivery to the customers. Public charging points for electrically-assisted cargo bikes would also mean that cycle couriers could travel further afield. Supporting our community is really important to us. Cycling is very much at the heart of Cambridge as well as of Click it Local. We want to encourage Cambridge residents, businesses and the biking community to work together in a mutually supportive network. For this reason, we’re delighted to be working with Zedify to help distribute Camcycle magazine to our customers.

Find out more and order your own cycle delivery at clickitlocal.co.uk