Family cycling: Laura’s longtail journey

This article was published in 2021, in Magazine 153.

Camcycle’s cargo bike intern Sarah Hughes spoke to Laura McBirnie about her family cycling journey.

Initially, Laura’s family used a rear rack-mounted child seat on a regular adult cycle. When Laura became pregnant with their second child, they purchased a Bakfiets Classic Short.

Two images: a baby in a bike seat and two children in a cargo bike

When their baby was about seven months old, she joined them on the cargo cycle in a Bakfiets toddler seat mounted in the cargo box facing the rider. At around 14 months, she sat in the toddler seat mounted on the bench, before quickly progressing to sitting on the bench seat itself next to her sister.

Aged four, Laura’s older child, who was particularly tall for her age, found there was a lack of headroom under the rain tent in the Bakfiets. She was also more independent, so Laura’s family added a FollowMe tandem hitch to the back of their Bakfiets (in addition to the ones on regular adult cycles) so she could pedal on her own bike when she wanted to. This turned out also to be popular with her younger sister, who used it well before she was three!

Two children: one on her own bike and one on a Follow-Me attached to a cargo bike

As both children grew bigger, it was time to upgrade to a larger family cycle and go electric. Laura’s family chose an electrically-assisted longtail cycle, a Bicicapace e-Justlong supplied by Power to the Pedal, which comfortably accommodates two children aged seven and four. Their belongings are also easily transported in the extremely roomy 80-litre front bag.

A woman and two children on a longtail bike

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