Fact-finding visits

Over the years, members of the Campaign have visited other areas known for their cyclists or cycle provision. We often found examples of good quality and/or innovative facilities, many of which could be emulated in Cambridge.

Take a look at the pictures in the following galleries and articles:

Assen, Netherlands (June 2015) Details, Review (Newsletter article), school run video, Cambridge News
Oldenburg and Bremen, Germany (May 2013) Details, Review (blog), Review (Newsletter article)
Copenhagen, Denmark (May 2012) Details, Review (Newsletter article)
Oxford (August 2010) Details, Review (Newsletter article)
Assen, Netherlands (May 2008) Details, Review (Newsletter article)
Netherlands (August 2006) Summary of information, Review (Newsletter article)
Münster, Germany (August/September 2001) Photo galleries, Newsletter article
Århus, Denmark (April 2000) Newsletter article
Oxford, England (October 1999) Newsletter article
York, England (October 1998) Newsletter article
Groningen, Netherlands (September 1997) Photo gallery, Newsletter article, Newsletter photos. Cambridge City Council also recently had a visit themselves.

Picture from abroad