Images of Groningen

This article was published in 1997, in Newsletter 15.

pg11-suckling.jpg (8k)

Trishaws to the airport

pg12-mercedes.jpg (10k)

Car gives way to bike

“When you cycle in most towns the first thing you need to learn is which routes to use and which routes to avoid. In Groningen this was not necessary. To get from one place to another all we needed to do was consult the map and find the most direct route, in the certain knowledge that it would be suitable for cycling.”
pg21-priority.jpg (9k)

More giving way to us

pg22-bridge.jpg (5k)

A third of the lift bridge is for bikes

“It was so nice to find that car drivers noticed you, and not only that, gave way considerately.”
pg31-fourway.jpg (10k)

Bikes have their own phase at lights – all four directions go at once

pg32-flora-and-willem.jpg (7k)

Willem & Flora, our guides

“I loved the Dutch bikes – practical ‘ride about town bikes’, sold with lights, rear carriers and full chain cases so no oily bits.”
pg41-cycle-park.jpg (10k)

Multi-storey bike park

pg42-right-turn-on-red.jpg (4899bytes)

Bikes can turn red on right

“The secure cycle-parking compounds were incredible. For roughly 8 (yes, really, eight) pounds per year, you get unlimited use of 16 huge, secure, staffed parking compounds, which are placed in key locations all over the city. And at the train station there were thousands of bike parking spaces, all under camera surveillance, and a full-time bike shop, with repair and rental service too.”
pg13-canals.jpg (8k)

The City is surrounded by canals

pg14-lorry-must-wait.jpg (8k)

Cycleway crosses main road

pg24-bus-sluis.jpg (9k)

Groningen’s equivalent of Bridge Street

pg33-child-on-bike.jpg (7k)

We saw people of all ages on bikes

pg23-track-and-parking.jpg (12k)

Cycle track and parking near the station

pg34-city-hall.jpg (11k)

Town square

“Cycling culture is so much part of life that on the train back on Sunday, at nearly every level crossing, town and country, we saw people on bikes”
pg43-cycle-road.jpg (8k)

A purpose-built cycle only road

pg44-one-way-except-bikes.jpg (8k)

One-way streets exempt bikes

“The bike route of 20 miles on car-free paths was such a treat on Sunday. A leisure ride in the country seems to be a part of life for all ages.”