Netherlands Cycling Study Tour 2006

Cambridge Cycling Campaign conducted a study tour of the Netherlands from 14-17th August 2006 to see how things are done in that country. We rode within built-up areas as well as covering distances between them. Cycling Officers from the City and County Councils joined us on our trip.

It is no exaggeration to say that, literally everywhere we went, cyclists were thought about and catered for.

Of course, not everything was perfect, but in general the quality of provision was uniformly high, an order of magnitude better than that found in the UK, reflecting the political and financial support for cycling present there. No wonder the Netherlands have such high rates of cycling.

We were given a presentation on ‘Cycling in the Hague’ by one of the cycling officers employed by the Municipality of The Hague. During the discussion which followed, there was mention of the Fietsersbond web site listing cycling facilities they consider poor, and the Copenhagen City Council video about cycle facilities.

Newsletter 68 will feature full reports from our trip and more photographs.

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Photos from the trip