Discounts for members

The following companies have kindly agreed to provide a discount, on some or all products and services, for Camcycle members, upon production of a current membership card.

Please note that some shops may not give the discount if you pay by credit card. If in doubt, please check with the shop directly.

We would like to thank these organisations for this support.

Please note: These offers are made to Camcycle members entirely at the discretion of the third party supplier, from whom we do not gain and over whom we do not have any control.

Bike shops

NEW FOR 2023/24: £20 Enterprise Car Club membership (plus £20 driving credit)

 Car clubs reduce car ownership and use, creating more space for walking and cycling and bringing wider community benefits including cleaner air and reduced carbon emissions. As part of a joint campaign to support an increase in sustainable travel, Camcycle members are offered an annual membership of Enterprise Car Club for just £20 (reduced from £60) plus £20 driving credit on initial hire/s.

This offer is valid from 1 December 2023 to 30 November 2024. Join Enterprise Car Club here using the discount code CAMCYCLE20.

Other organisations offering a discount to members:

  • Outspoken Cycles offer a discount on training and other services.
  • Asgard offer a 10% discount to Camcycle members with the code CAMCYCLE10.
  • Proviz Sports offer a 20% discount on web purchases to Camcycle members with the code Camcycle20.