From the Chair

This article was published in 2017, in Newsletter 130.

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The City Deal has been, and will continue to be, a topic of discussion inside these pages and in the wider population. We have to recognise that we cannot make the difference alone. That is why you will read about our ideas for Milton Road that were developed in conjunction with the Milton Road and Hurst Park residents associations. More partnership working will be necessary to bring such benefits to other main roads in and around the city.

Learning to ride a bicycle should be a rite of passage. Bikeability gives kids the skills and confidence to ride. Inside, Rad Wagon gives us a deep insight to what it means and how it all works.

Of course, after we learn to ride a cycle we sometimes want to go further. But what about five countries in a single day? I’m not sure how to even start to do that, but you’ll find out inside that it can be done and how much fun it was.

Have you noticed how dirty the air has been? We need to have a serious discussion about air pollution and what we can do to help. Do you suffer more from air pollution when cycling or when sitting in a car? This will become a significant future issue when the city considers introducing a low emission zone and possibly discourage the use of polluting vehicles.

There is much more inside, so turn the page and read about everything else that is happening.

Robin Heydon