List of questions

Here is a list of all the questions (across all areas) we have asked for this election:

  1. We are joining the Action Vision Zero alliance in calling for Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) candidates to commit to:
    1) Make road danger reduction a priority
    2) Tackle speeding—the greatest threat
    3) Be transparent and accountable
    4) Work with your community
    5) Improve the post-crash response.
    What action will you take to tackle road danger?
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  2. Cycle theft is the number one crime in Cambridge City (with a total estimated cost to victims of at least £1.5 million) and has a significant impact on residents across the Cambridgeshire and Peterborough region. How will you support efforts to tackle this issue?
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  3. Cambridgeshire has some of the highest cycling rates in the UK, but is behind other regions in specific efforts to deal with close passes and careless / dangerous driving around cycling. What do you think should be done to ensure people drive safely near people who are cycling?
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  4. Cambridgeshire Police have an online facility to report anti-social driving using video evidence, but it is currently poorly used, as the police do not provide any information on what they have done regarding the reported crimes. What role do you think video reports from the public should play in improving the safety of our roads?
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  5. The offences of driving on the pavement and causing an obstruction to the highway (which includes pavements) can be enforced by police under criminal law. What role do you think the police should play in ensuring our pavements are safe and accessible for local people walking?
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  6. Lowering the speed at which vehicles are driven is one way of making road users safer. Do you agree and what would you do to encourage lower speeds?
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