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Question 5 - we asked:

The offences of driving on the pavement and causing an obstruction to the highway (which includes pavements) can be enforced by police under criminal law. What role do you think the police should play in ensuring our pavements are safe and accessible for local people walking?

We asked this question:

3 of the 4 candidates (75%) who were asked this question responded as below.

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(Conservative Party)

I am aware that many local authorities across our region have, or are, introducing parking enforcement schemes. I would expect the police to support the civil enforcement of unlawful parking. Furthermore, I would expect the police to take positive action in the case of dangerous parking.

(Labour Party)

Parking on pavements is a huge problem as is driving on the pavements which we do see motorcycles scooters and even cars do, especially on Mill road in Cambridge City but across the county. Drivers who do this do need to be prosecuted for dangerous driving if they are driving on the pavement, and we do need better enforcement for vehicles that are obstructing the highway. The police do have a place to enforce this and I have seen occasions when a car has been towed away due to obstructing the highway, we also need our parking enforcement officers to play their part in both ticketing offenders but also reporting them. The issue I feel is under reporting and we need to encourage better reporting of the problem.

(Liberal Democrat)

I would expect officers to not ignore dangerous parking.
Where Civil Parking Enforcement is active, the Civil Enforcement Officer can issue a penalty charge notice where a restriction exists on the carriageway as that carries to the highway boundary.
I will explore with the Chief Constable also giving the Enforcement Officers the power to enforce (with criminal penalty) pavement parking (i.e. obstruction without a lawful excuse).

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