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Question 4 - we asked:

Cambridgeshire Police have an online facility to report anti-social driving using video evidence, but it is currently poorly used, as the police do not provide any information on what they have done regarding the reported crimes. What role do you think video reports from the public should play in improving the safety of our roads?

We asked this question:

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(Conservative Party)

Any person reporting a crime to the police should get a response and this is included in the victims code. I fully support the use of online reporting and the ability to be able to 'upload' digital evidence and if elected in May, part of my six point plan refers to the ability for our communities to be able to contact the police. See more at; darrylpreston.org.uk

(Labour Party)

Videos from public should play a huge role in improving the safety on our roads. Many cyclists and car drivers now use dash / helmet cams and the footage from these can really help inform data on crimes, including the likes that we see from RING doorbell and similar. The data is valuable and needs to be treated as such. The police website is not a great one and it makes reporting of all crimes very difficult.
We do need to improve the communication between the police and the public full stop, the police often say they will not communicate back onto a case which does leave the public feeling like nothing is being done, even though that is often not the case. We need to change this and look at what other forces do to improve this, including looking across the world for best practise.

(Liberal Democrat)

Operation SNAP has been embraced by many forces and has resulted in many successful prosecutions. It provides a portal to allow members of the public to upload video evidence of anti-social and dangerous driving. It also does provide feedback.
For some reason Cambridgeshire Police do not to use the portal and have a much more cumbersome process which actively discourages reporting. If elected, I will move Cambridgeshire to the same, successful mechanism as other forces and ensure that the outcomes are publicised.

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