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Question 3 - we asked:

Cambridgeshire has some of the highest cycling rates in the UK, but is behind other regions in specific efforts to deal with close passes and careless / dangerous driving around cycling. What do you think should be done to ensure people drive safely near people who are cycling?

We asked this question:

3 of the 4 candidates (75%) who were asked this question responded as below.

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(Conservative Party)

Tactical options would include awareness campaigns, greater inclusion in theory tests for learner drivers and better enforcement of current laws.

Strategically I would raise this as a standing item at the Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Road Safety partnership, with a clear stated outcome of reducing collisions involving cyclists.

(Labour Party)

We need to do what we can to move people our of cars that are damaging our environments and onto sustainable transport such as public transport , cycling and walking. Cyclist’s need help in making sure that the safe pass is actively campaigned on, better signage better information and better cycle lanes can help.

(Liberal Democrat)

Part of this is education, both of current drivers, but also of drivers of the future - in schools and colleges.
But enforcement has a part to play, using schemes such as "Operation Close Pass" that has been very successful in West Mids. More use of helmet and dash cams (as above) will also help, especially if we publicise the resulting prosecutions.
If we make the roads safer for cyclists and pedestrians, more people will walk or cycle feeding a virtuous circle where everyone gets the health and societal benefits of reduced car usage.

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