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Question 4 - we asked:

Which junctions in your area need to be improved to increase safety for people cycling, and how what can be done to fix them?

We asked this question in all 26 divisions, namely: Abbey, Arbury, Bar Hill, Cambourne, Castle, Cherry Hinton, Chesterton, Cottenham & Willingham, Duxford, Fulbourn, Gamlingay, Hardwick, Histon & Impington, King's Hedges, Linton, Longstanton, Northstowe & Over, Market, Melbourn & Bassingbourn, Newnham, Papworth and Swavesey, Petersfield, Queen Edith's, Romsey, Sawston & Shelford, Trumpington, Waterbeach.

66 of the 112 candidates (59%) who were asked this question responded as below.

Those candidate(s) which were elected are highlighted.

(Conservative Party)

Junctions are less a problem than narrow roads.

(Conservative Party)

see Q4 and Q1 - DS has strict instructions to stay away from Fen Causeway and Trumpington Road junction. We need to "rebalance" every junction to take into account all users starting with the most dangerous. The fact that we even have to ask this question tells you we are not a cycling city.

Manas DEB
(Conservative Party)

I would like to see some improvements in traffic management at both sides of Mowbray Road round about and Addenbrooke’s round about. Cyclists and Pedestrians should be given priorities at round about to improve safety.

(Conservative Party)

I have concerns about the safety of cyclists turning right at the Eddington /Huntingdon Roadjunction. The possibility of an alternative crossing is being discussed which may help somewhat but other improvements may also need investigation.

(Conservative Party)

There are a few junctions that could be improved, but not only for cyclists but also for motorised transport. I will be looking at all these for improvements via the County Council Local Highways Improvement Scheme, or as part of the £50m of improvement schemes that will be worked up as per the Conservative budget and manifesto.

(Conservative Party)

Our Village College is based in Comberton and we could improve some junctions for all the students and staff who cycle to and from home.

Hardwick has an on-road cycle lane. The size of this lane could potentially be increased and allow space between cars and cycles. I would like to see more barriers between vehicles and cycle lanes so that cyclists are protected from traffic.

In Caldecote cyclist also tend to either go on the road or share the footpath with pedestrians. If there was sufficient space, ideally, I would add a lane next to pedestrians away from the traffic.

Shapour MEFTAH
(Conservative Party)

The junctions around Waitrose are a major problem for cycling safety and traffic.

We need a complete review to improve cycling safety and reduce traffic congestion. We need to find a way to link up cycling from the Trumpington Park and Ride up to the start of the High St cycle lane near the village hall.

The roundabouts where Fen Causeway meets Trumpington Rd causes a lot of accidents for cyclists and needs to be looked at, although this area is now outside of Trumpington ward at county level.

(Conservative Party)

There are no particular junctions that I believe stand out as a cycling concern, tho many are an issue for motorists such as the tadlow junction in the b1042 and the odsey junction on the a505. I would however welcome a cycle path along the a505, a603,a1198 and b1042 such as the one proposed for the a10. These roads are main roads to cambridge and many other villages, they are the quickest routes but many would feel uncomfortable cycling on such busy main roads and I believe a separate cycle path alongside these roads would make people feel more comfortable.

(Conservative Party)

I read "Making Space for Cycling" when it first came out. I have engaged the Cambridge Cycling Campaign and other cycling organisations very closely in the Design Code work at Northstowe, and I will continue doing so there and at the other major new settlements. In my opinion the cycle track alongside the Busway is a prime example of living well in the twenty-first century.

The main traffic complaint in this division is the speed of traffic on the B1050 and the alternative route via Rampton and Cottenham. There have been several attempts at traffic calming over the years but we haven't quite cracked it yet.

There are not all that many junctions. I guess the one that makes me least comfortable is the right turn from High Street to Lambs Lane. The Oakington Road Rampton Road junction is a bit tight in the morning peak. There is a proposal to double the diameter of the roundabout, but this raises heritage and welfare concerns relating to the almshouses.

(Green Party)
The candidate did not enter a response for this question.
(Green Party)

I would like to see an advance box at the junction of Mill Road and Gonville Place.

I would like to investigate a cycle only filter for those turning left from Emmanuel Street into Downing Street when there is a green light for cars emerging from Downing Street. At this stage the route into Downing Street is clear, but it immediately fills up with pedestrians when the lights change.

(Green Party)

Cherry Hinton Road/Queen Edith's Way - cycle prioritisation; Hills Road/Long Road/Queen Edith's Way is hopefully being improved but some uncertainty there; floating bus stops on Hills Road should be supported by zebra crossings to manage cycle/motor/pedestrian clashes.

(Green Party)

Histon Road, Kings Hedges Road is extremely dangerous for cyclists with the cycle lane running between the the lane for traffic heading for Kings Hedges and traffic heading into Cambridge. The majority of traffic coming off the A14 at the Histon junction is heading for the science park. All of this traffic has to cut across the cycle lane. I have been actually hit twice on this junction and cut up and forced to brake hard more times than I can remember.

Eleanor CRANE
(Green Party)

If elected to the County Council I would consult with residents to identify areas of concern. These are some that spring to mind from my own experience:
- Crossing the A10 from Milton towards Impington or Landbeach currently involves either a narrow pedestrian bridge or walking across the road itself. A cycle bridge or improved crossing places could be explored as possible solutions.
- Cars parked on the roads in Waterbeach village, especially around the station, create conflict between cyclists and drivers trying to navigate what is effectively a single lane road. Options should be explored in consultation with local residents and users of the station to reduce on-road parking.
- The opening of the new Cambridge North railway station creates a need and an opportunity to improve cycle links in this whole area. Once the station is opened monitoring should be carried out to assess which routes and junctions are most in need of improvement to accommodate new patterns of travel.

Maximilian FRIES
(Green Party)

The central hot spot in Cherry Hinton is the junction between Cherry Hinton Road and Cherry Hinton High Street. Here, the on-road cycle lanes stop far before the lights and cyclist have no safe way to get in front of the queue to their priority areas. I witness dangerous situations every day, including left-turning cars cutting straight going cyclists. The solution is a segregated lane up to the lights so cyclists can make their way to the front safely. Also, special lights for cyclists giving them a head-start as on Hills Road/East Road junction would work well here. Another problem area, is the roundabout at Budgens (Cherry Hinton Road/Perne Road). First, the cycle lane coming from Cherry Hinton is in very bad shape, making the approach with a larger bike or trailer unsafe. Second, coming from Cherry Hinton, cars often block the cycle lane to the roundabout, which could be solved by more segregation. Finally, the roundabout where Radegund meets Perne Road is very cycling unfriendly with cyclists needing to change onto the pavement and then having no priority on the outgoing roads. I would work with officers to get that re-done and take CamCycle’s “Making Space for Cycling” with me, which shows clearly how such a roundabout can be done. Especially the fact that this roundabout is rather new, makes me doubt that they have read it.

(Green Party)

The junction at Long Road and Trumpington Road has improved recently but still feels very difficult traveling straight ahead to the Village from town. It needs dedicated cycle feeder across the junction.
Crossing from the dedicated cycle path on the west side at this junction to Long Road takes quite bit of time when you have to wait for 2 sets of lights to change they need to be synchronised better.
The junction where the Trumpington to the Station guided cycle path meets the road to the station used by the guided bus can very unsafe it is extremely important to stop before pulling out as the buses come done the guideway at very fast rate. However a number of times there have been near misses. It would be good to have a raised feeder lane for cycles here to reduce accidental pulling out in front of a bus as there is no protection. It would also help buses to be more aware of cyclists as they would be forced to slow down when they leave the guided busway track. I am also very concerned about increasing congestion on the Trumpington to the Station guided cycle path at that point in particular. The potential conflict between large numbers of pedestrians coming from the station to the new Cambridge Assessment building the Triangle in the near future will increase this problem especially if they walk along via the cycle path entrance to Cambridge University Press rather than through the housing next to the Triangle.
Waitrose car park entrance to the road to the Park and Ride does not have a clear pathway for cycling you have to push your bike out to this road with ongoing traffic coming towards you. As this is quite well used route to access not only the houses on Trumpington Meadows but also the park and ride and the guided busway cycle path it would be good to negotiate with city/county council/Waitrose management to improve this conjunction for cyclist and pedestrians alike.

Monica HONE
(Green Party)

McDonald's roundabout.

(Green Party)

Junctions leading onto and off Mill Road are always danger spots, and particularly those near the Mill Road Bridge, where cars and cyclists inevitably accelerate or become more unstable. Better signage, road markings, and traffic control measures can make this safer. A line-of-sight audit would also reveal turns where drivers and cyclists are blind to each other and why. Similar problems can be found when joining and exiting other key main roads in the area, such as East Road, Trumpington Road, and Hills Road.

(Green Party)

Though this is not a junction, the cycle lanes on Radegund Road are awful, requiring cyclists to swerve in and out the way of parked cars, with the lanes regularly interrupted and disappearing entirely. I would push for these facilities to be looked at and improved, to give cyclists more protection.

I think it falls just outside Romsey but where Radegund Road meets Perne Road at the roundabout, the cycle facilities requiring cyclists to go onto the pavement around the roundabout are awful to use and a complete waste of time. I would work with officers to have these re-done and improved.

I think cyclists should be given priority at the lights at the junction of Mill Road and Coleridge Road and would like to see cycle lanes there to prevent bikes being squeezed in against the pavement.

(Green Party)

The principal challenges to cyclists in Linton are not junctions, but nevertheless more could be done for cyclists at the top of the High Street, where it meets the A1307, and also where Back Road meets the A1307 at Abington. These junctions are difficult for cars at rush hour, let alone cyclists.

(Green Party)

Please see our green county transport manifesto which should be available on this site.

(Green Party)

The cross traffic right turn onto Silver Street from Queens Road / cross traffic left turn onto Sidgewick Avenue from Queens Road is particularly nerve-racking and dangerous for a cyclist.

I suspect - although would seek consultation – that the solution lies in 20mph speed limit, introduction of signalised junctions and new, visible lane markings to aid cyclists.

I am also in favour of exploring the idea of a coach park outside of the city boundaries with an electric shuttle service into the centre, to reduce the number of coaches in the area.

Alison ELCOX

The Odsey junction and the Tadlow junction are a nightmare for cars but I can’t say I’ve ever seen a cyclist trying to negotiate them; personally I’d think twice before cycling on the A505; quite a few of our rural junctions have visibility issues, but because they have, drivers have to be extra vigilant so cyclists are not necessarily disadvantaged.

Cyclists who are also car drivers are a completely different breed from those who don’t drive, some non-driving cyclists especially in Cambridge urgently need instruction on the basics - for instance which way you go around a roundabout! I’ve seen several near misses with cyclists going the wrong way. Education of non car driving cyclists would be a very useful exercise, I believe this does happen in Cambridge and should be extended if at all possible. This begs the question of whether it is the junction or whether it is the cyclist that causes the problem and I think you do need to take a sensible view before acting on the results of this survey.


Junction between Huntingdon/Victoria/Histon Roads and Castle Hill.
The Do-Optimum proposals from the Histon Rd LLF seem to Castle Inds extremely sensible.Th

(Labour Party)

Exit of Upper Cambourne onto Bourn road is still awkward due to builders fences. There needs to be warning signs for traffic that cycles may be crossing. There is no dropped kerb there either which forces cyclists onto the road.
Ermine St cycle way junction has poor visibility. Perhaps hedge could be lowered?
Coton turn off if using pavement is a faff and often blocked by cars queuing to turn onto Madingley Road. A keep Clear box would help maybe?
The lane changes etc around West Cambridge University development site is a mess, confusing and dangerous. I presume it will be ok when finished, but interim measures have at times been very bad.
StJohns Chophouse turning and development around Ketttles Yard is always dangerous.

(Labour Party)

The junction at the Robin is dangerous because a) the cycle lanes that lead upto it are not mandatory. They are advisory and cars drive into them as they approach the traffic lights and sometimes drive cycles onto the pavement. What needs to be done here is that the cycle lane on the left leading onto Cherry Hinton Road should become mandatory, and the lanes for cars should be reduced to one.

Nick GAY
(Labour Party)

Elizabeth way, very dangerous for cyclists - dedicated bike lanes, bike priority traffic lights.
Lensfield/Regent - better segregation especially from HGVs

(Labour Party)

There isn't any provision in my area for cyclists, so all junctions are potentially unsafe. In Sandy, cars park in the cycle lanes approaching the A1. In Park Avenue Bedford, a cycle lane is marked on the outside of parked cars, when a safer solution would be a cycle lane inside the parked cars.

Kelley GREEN
(Labour Party)

Mitcham’s Corner is not ideal for cyclists, neither is Elizabeth Way Roundabout. I’d like to see a greenway connecting north and south parts of the city. I worked alongside Transport Planners in my career as a Designer/Town Planner. In East London, I project managed a scheme to deliver a new connection to the Cycle Super Highway linking Barking to Westminster as part of the regeneration of the Olympic Borough.

In Cambridge I envisage a network of segregated cycleways connecting Midsummer Common via Mitcham’s Corner and the Cam Tow Path via Elizabeth Way. Cycling is so popular here it offers us one of the best opportunities to reduce air pollution; the least we can do is ensure those choosing to cycle are able to breath the fresh air they help create.

(Labour Party)

No specific answer for this.

(Labour Party)

The Great Northern Rd/Tenison Rd junction is unsafe for pedestrians and cyclists. There is no safe crossing place, the signage is unclear and the road is too narrow to take the existing traffic. Cyclists are using the pavements to avoid traffic danger. Traffic volumes mean air quality is being compromised. County engineers are already being pressed to make changes and I will push for a safe crossing point and some rerouting of traffic.
The Kingston St/Mill Rd/Devonshire Rd junction is problematic for cyclists crossing because Mill rd traffic enters/exits the railway bridge at speed. The Chisholm Trail will help with safe north-south cycle travel but speed restriction enforcement and better signage could help on Mill Rd.

(Labour Party)

The Brookfields junction with Perne Road requires re-configuration to make safer for cyclists and pedestrians.
The Coldhams Lane," Sainsburys" roundabout should be changed to a Dutch design.

(Labour Party)

From talking to residents, the junctions of King’s Hedges Road, Milton Road and Green End Road have been of particular concern recently but all junctions shared with other motorised vehicles could do with looking at. Advanced green lights for cyclists improve cycling safety at controlled junctions and I'd quite like to see a few of those being introduced, as they would be very useful in helping regulate traffic to the advantage of cyclists, for example at the Union Lane junction with Milton Road.

(Labour Party)

We have recently persuaded the County Council to improve the junction at Woolards Lane/London Road/Station Road/Tunwells Lane by including ASBs at the traffic lights. The junctions at High Green/High Street and High Green/Granhams Road in Great Shelford would be my next priority and we are actively discussing these with local cyclists.

(Labour Party)

The Addenbrookes roundabout plus Fendon Road. This is currently being addressed. The junctions (roundabouts) on Queen Edith's Way are also to be improved. I would like to see traffic calming measures on QEW. Any scheme here would need very careful consideration as the road is narrow and the environment quite 'green' and is a residential street.

Jackie SCOTT
(Labour Party)

A505 and A1301
Need dedicated cycle routs to cross the M11 on the A505

Jocelynne SCUTT
(Labour Party)

The junctions along Histon Road and Milton Road, as explored in the resolutions of Histon Road LLF and Milton Road LLF need attention as proposed in 'Do Optimum' and 'Do Everything' and the resolutions of these LLFs. The Lensfield Road/Fen Causeway is notoriously dangerous - and my experience as a cyclist bears this out: I lived in that area for a number of years and cycled Trumpington Road frequently: most times I alighted at this junction (whether coming or going) and walked across the crosswalk on Fen Causeway or took the Brookside route.
I would not presume to propose what can be done to fix intersections that are dangerous for cyclists, save as to say that it is necessary to consult with those having expertise in the area, and as Chair of the Milton Road LLF and attending session of Histon Road LLF I have appreciated the contribution of CamCycle through Matthew Danish and consider that this expertise should be incorporated into discussion and solutions for changing such intersections for safety.
In this regard, I supported a proposal for funding under the Local Highways Initiative (LHI) to address the intersection of Carlyle Road and Chesterton Lane/Road and Jesus Locke Bridge. The proposal originally was directed toward providing a cycle crossing next to the pedestrian crossing however advice was received that this would be potentially even more dangerous due to cyclists coming from the Jesus Locke direction and into the path of motorists. I therefore proposed that the bid be modified to gain funding to explore ways of making this intersection safe. This bid is on the list although not yet approved. I aim to promote it in the upcoming round.

(Labour Party)

The corner of Long Road/Trumpington Road is poor for cyclists wanting to turn right into Long Road. The Waitrose junction at Hauxton road is a problem for cars, pedestrians and cyclists. The cycle way across Latham Road is dangerous with many children and adults cycling at peak traffic times.

It's not just the road junctions that require improvements. Some cycleway require re-surfacing or even a good made up surface. The route from the far west of Latham Road to Chaucer Road and over Vicar's brook needs attention as does the route from route south of Fawcett School going east to Hobson's Brook and onto the hospital.

There isn’t a simple solution here - as an architect who has designed driveways that join main roads I know how complex it gets. It doesn’t always make sense to give bikes priority as this can lead to traffic queues and cycling past them is a danger in itself. I want to review problem junctions carefully.

(Labour Party)

The path from Sawston to the station to be of a higher standard. Link way junction in Sawston high street. Over the hump back bridge, in the A1303, and then turning right at the Rose pub junction. No cycle lane at the traffic at Great Shelford. There is no continuous cycle lane along the A1301 from Sawston to the Genome.

(Labour Party)

The Car Dyke Road/A10 junction is a major issue, cyclist on the path adjacent to the A10 are often faced with cars on the pavement undertaking other vehicles

Donald ADEY
(Liberal Democrat)

Brooklands Ave....Trumpington Rd corner. CleRly needs a Dutch specialist.

Philip ALLEN
(Liberal Democrat)

Cycle paths with signs requiring cyclists to dismount at regular intervals, such as on St Neots Road at the junction with Long Road and at other points, discourage cycling and seem to treat it as a potential inconvenience to drivers. A cycle path could keep priority at this junction with a secondary road, with signage instead warning drivers to give way and a raised road surface to keep the cycle path at the same height.

(Liberal Democrat)

Overall Bar Hill is relatively good, because it was designed with cars in mind. The big bottlenecks are the fact that Lolworth and Bar Hill are mainly accessed via the A14 which is not good for bikes. In the near future, the important campaign needs to be over the Girton Rd/Huntingdon Rd interchange. I'm particularly concerned at how this will work for the North West Cambridge site, but there is already a problem with crossing the Huntingdon Rd.

(Liberal Democrat)

Almost the entirety of the Petersfield sections of Mill Road, East Road, Hills Road and Trumpington Road appear as ‘accident clusters’ on the Cambridgeshire County Council website, and cyclists were involved in a significant proportion of the accidents listed there. There are too many junctions with a large number of accidents to list here, and none of those (e.g. the crossroads of Mill Road, Kingston Street and Devonshire Road, or the junction of Coronation Street and Hills Road) is likely to come as a surprise to regular cyclists.

I would wish to consult with local residents and experts before suggesting solutions as road safety is not my area of expertise. Measures to increase visibility at these junctions and to make traffic priorities clearer and more appropriate for cyclists seem sensible to me. This should be alongside offering alternative traffic-free routes where possible, accepting that cyclists will often choose the fastest route even when it is not the safest.

(Liberal Democrat)

I would like to see the junction of Milton Road and Kings Hedges Road, at the Golden Hind made safer for cyclists. I feel vehicles and bikes should have different routes through and around this junction – as suggested in the ‘Do Optimum’ proposal from the Milton Road LLF.

(Liberal Democrat)

The Sainsbury's roundabout is a significant hazard; whilst most cyclists stay well clear of the roundabout itself, the cycle routes around the roundabout need some work, particularly the zebra crossing next to the petrol station and the 'crossing' across Brooks Road (although there is a pelican crossing further down the road). Pelican crossings or other cycle-priority routes across the busy roads here would help

All the junctions along Mill Road are dangerous due to traffic on Mill Road itself; the main way to improve this is to reduce the traffic on Mill Road - this is part of the wider problem of traffic congestion across Cambridge.

The junction of Brookfields and Brooks Road is tricky to navigate, something which the Greenways project should improve by diverting cyclists down Natal Road. And the junction of Marmora and Hobart Roads is also quite dangerous due to the blind corner - as the Greenways project will likely increase cycle journeys on this junction, the traffic priorities need to be made clearer, and installing bollards at the start of the cut-through will encourage cyclists to slow down when approaching the junction.

(Liberal Democrat)

Quite a few – as mentioned, I find the Golden Hind cross-roads is a particular hazard with larger vehicles sweeping into the bike lane, but there difficulties along Milton Road including the junctions onto Ramsden Square and Lovell Road. These are unlikely to be resolved until a proper improvement plan for Milton Road has been agreed (as discussed in question 7), with proper protect cycle lanes kept separate pedestrian pavements and roads.

Peter FANE
(Liberal Democrat)

There are a number of junctions on the A1307 in particular which need to be changed, with dedicated space for cyclists in particular on the roundabout with Hinton Way at Shelford Bottoms.

(Liberal Democrat)

The main issues are specific routes. Beach Road to Landbeach and Oakington Road are particularly dangerous routes for cyclists due to excessive speed and HGV traffic. The only real solution is to invest in safe cycling routes.

(Liberal Democrat)

There is a need for a new cycle/pedestrian crossing at the bottom of Maid’s Causeway to allow people coming across Midsummer Common to access the city centre via King Street, Emmanuel Road or Jesus Lane, avoiding the Four Lamps roundabout. A suggestion from a local resident, followed a campaign by the local Lib Dem team, has recently persuaded the County Council to add this crossing to the list of strategic highways projects for early delivery.

(Liberal Democrat)

Most junctions within Cambourne are reasonable for cyclists and the most urgent need for changes at Bridge Streetc junction have now been implummeted. Gathered us a more urgent need to prioritise pedestrian crossings than improvements for cyclists that are fairly well served by dedicated cycle routes.

(Liberal Democrat)

see above
1 Huntingdon Road at Girton
2 Victoria Road/Histon Road/Castle Hill/Huntingdon Road
3 Gilbert Road/Histon Road
4 King's Hedges Road/ Histon Road (esp in view of adjacent housing developments)

(Liberal Democrat)

The new Division includes the infamous A505 junction at Odsey which is no doubt familiar to us all. Every Parish has difficult junctions but out in the villages (as opposed to the slightly city-centric tone of the question!) the key issues are less actual junctions but more provision of safe routes, preferably off-road. A good example locally is the new extension of the footway along Potton Road The Heath Gamlingay which will take residents safely into Everton (and its Primary school). This small extension is largely funded by the Parish Council - not just Highways. Most Parishes are not in that position to fund even quite small schemes. Another issue is geography - eg Croydon Hill is simply not safe for cyclists and an attempt to buy a small stretch of woodland adjacent to it (to provide at least an off-road section up the Hill) sadly was outbid at auction. So we are always thinking about how cyclists, pedestrians and riders can be better catered for throughout the area.

Cecilia LISZKA
(Liberal Democrat)

Mitcham’s Corner is the most prominent junction within the new Arbury division that requires improvement, as discussed elsewhere. Accident data made publically available by Cambridgeshire County Council supports this being the junction with the highest number of accidents, although a number of accidents are also reported at the Gilbert Road/ Histon Road junction, which is borne out by my own experience of using this junction twice every day on my commute.

Measures to improve these junctions have been partially addressed in other sections, but I would also welcome the opportunity to look in more detail at the causes of accidents and to consult with local residents and business owners, regular road users of all modes, and the council, to put forward a sensible proposal of improvements.

(Liberal Democrat)

Nearly all of them!

The Water Lane/HighStreet/Green End Road junction still needs improvement. It needs a fundamental redesign, although for those going to the science park, better signage directing cyclists down an improved halingway, through the new station would be a safer route.

Turning right from Milton Road into Gilbert Road is problematic, and should be made easier for cyclists.

I’ve talked about Mitcham’s Corner in later answers.

The Union Lane/Milton Road junction needs making safer, as much as for pedestrians as cyclists.

(Liberal Democrat)

A505 crossing Duxford/Whittlesford.

(Liberal Democrat)

The lack of a contiguous cycle path from the DNA path at Granhams Road/Chaston Road to the south of Stapleford is disappointing as there are several awkward crossings to negotiate (e.g. at The Rose pub)
The other most obvious problem (for all users) is the A505/A1301 "McDonalds" Roundabout

(Liberal Democrat)

Barton Road to Grantchester Street, near Lammas Land, and Sidgewick Avenue to Silver Street are both very dangerous. The double roundabout between Fen Causeway and Trumpington Road is also bad.

(Liberal Democrat)

In Castle, we have particular issues relating to 1) the terrible lay-out of the junction at Mitcham's Corner, which is often dangerous for cyclists, as is also 2) the junction where Histon Road leaves Huntingdon Road, 3) as well as the unhelpful one-way system between Madingley Road and Castle Street (past Lucy Cavendish College), which works fine for cars but is poorly designed for cyclists and encourages people to go the wrong way and dodge traffic.

Regarding area 1) see my answer to Q.7 below. For 2), I'd like to see a rebuild of the junction to better protect cyclists including staggered lights but also a system to separate cyclists from traffic. As for 3), I think we should have a contra-flow system for bikes (as is used in other parts of the city, e.g. on Bateman Street or St Philips' Road), so that whilst cars continue in the one-way system, cyclists can move in the direction that is natural for them.

(Liberal Democrat)

Can I turn this question around? An individual councillor should not be identifying areas for improvement but should be collecting suggestions from residents. Does the council have a web site where residents can enter requests for improvements that councillors can act on? I am not aware of one but am willing to be proved wrong!

(Liberal Democrat)

The three major junctions on Newmarket Road, with Elizabeth Way, Barnwell Road and Ditton Lane are all extremely unsafe for cyclists. I championed improvements to the Barnwell Road/Newmarket Road junction on behalf of residents and I’m glad to see that changes to improve visibility of the pedestrian crossing will soon be implemented. As part of phase 2 of the City Deal I would work to ensure that these junctions are improved and that the public are fully involved in that process. Councillors have long promised a pedestrian crossing at the Ditton Lane junction but nothing has been delivered.

(Liberal Democrat)

Hills Rd-Long Rd junction – being addressed by City Deal cross-city cycling scheme
Conflict at the Hills Rd Sixth Form College between northbound traffic and people turning right into Purbeck Road

(Liberal Democrat)

For long-distance A10 commutes, all A10 need consideration; those particularly concerning are Fowlmere Rd Shepreth, and the business entrances along the new Shepreth-Melbourn path. Signage, rights of way clarity and visibility improvements needed. Junction with M11 from the south urgently needs improvement between turn-off to Trumpington Meadows and roundabout - via a high quality cycle path and improved path on the roundabout (traffic lights make this a safe option). Trumpington Meadows path is not workable at night for all cyclists. Foxton Level Crossing needs total overhaul as is well known for A10 commuters.

As mentioned, the A505 on the Herts/Cambs border is a serious obstacle to short-distance cycling; the Ivy Farm Bridge needs opening. The Kneesworth A1198 roundabout is a no-go area for cyclists - the Ashwell Stret as a greenways link could offer a better alternative including a link to the hoped-for pedestrian/cyclist bridge over the A10/A505 roundabout.

(Liberal Democrat)

In my experience - The Coldhams Lane roundabout at Sainsburys. The junction at the Robin Hood Cherry Hinton. The Newmarket Road roundabout at Teversham for those joining from Airport Way.

Adrian DENT
(UK Independence Party)

ALL of A1198 and generlly village connections

Helene GREEN
(UK Independence Party)
The candidate did not enter a response for this question.

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