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Question 7 - we asked:

Protected junctions where pedestrian and bicycle traffic are fully separated from motorised traffic have been proposed by Cambridge Cycling Campaign for the Milton Road / Elizabeth Way junction. Which junctions do you think would benefit from this safety improvement within the Cambridge area?

We asked this question in all 14 wards, namely: Abbey, Arbury, Castle, Cherry Hinton, Coleridge, East Chesterton, King's Hedges, Market, Newnham, Petersfield, Queen Edith's, Romsey, Trumpington, West Chesterton.

39 of the 62 candidates (63%) who were asked this question responded as below.

Those candidate(s) which were elected are highlighted.

(Conservative Party)

Junctions at Trumpington Road, Fen Causeway and Lensfield Road. Junctions around Mitchams Corner.

Manas DEB
(Conservative Party)
The candidate did not enter a response for this question.
(Green Party)

Mitcham's Corner, Chesterton Rd/Elizabeth Way Roundabout, Sainsbury's Roundabout

(Green Party)

Unfortunately, the Hills Road bridge over the railway is, despite reasonable solutions, still a very dangerous set of junctions for bikes with cars crossing bike lanes. If greater separation could be achieved here that would be a huge improvement. On all roundabouts in Queen Edith's cycle crossing is not easy and there are probably improvements to be made here.

(Green Party)

The junction at Long / Trumpington Road would benefit from having protected dedicated lines for pedestrian and cyclists to cross. At present to get across the junction from the cycle path towards Long Road or North Cottages we have to wait for 2 sets of lights unless you cycle on the main road which can be very busy rather than the cycle path.
Cycling form the town side of this junction towards Trumpington is confusing as there are side lanes for joining Long Road as well as the bus lane. It feels quite frightening with three lines of traffic to negotiate to get into the correct lane to cross onto the cycle path on the other side of the junction.

Another junction that would benefit is at the junction going into Brooklands Ave from Hills road and the from the station area. It’s very confusing for cyclists who are not drivers and unsafe as you have to cross from the wrong side of the road to get the pedestrian crossing to cross the junction safely to Brooklands Ave cycle path when coming from the station area. It would help to have a direct link for cycles to cross this junction into Brooklands Ave similar to the one at Newnham/ Barton Road thought that junction could be improved by making it clearer which the traffic light is for driver and cyclists. Also the corner from Brooklands Ave cycle path to Hills road to the Station needs dedicated cycle solutions too as there are many pedestrians on the pavement on this corner at times. So a solution for the crossing from other side of road could be used for cyclist leaving pavement for sole use of pedestrians.

Jiameng GAO
(Green Party)

The roundabout between Jesus Lane, Victoria Avenue, Kings Street, etc. would be a place where both cyclists and pedestrians could be protect of vehicle traffic. It is a very large roundabout and the speeds at which vehicles travel down Victoria Avenue poses a serious danger to cyclists going through the roundabout. Another example would be junction going from Clarendon Street to Parkside. The bicycle traffic through the junction is often very confused, with the cycle lane cutting right through pedestrian paths.

Monica HONE
(Green Party)
The candidate did not enter a response for this question.
(Green Party)

Hills Road and East Road are very important routes for many, and the junctions on these can be quite dangerous for cyclists.

Sharon KAUR
(Green Party)

That's a great idea. I think that Hills Road also needs this all the way. It has a little bit of the cycle path until it disappears, it would do well to have this at the Cherry Hinton junction and Station Road too. We also need this on East Road, I know we have a little bit of a space here and there on some roads but that really isn't enough space especially on the roundabout. I understand that there is the underground space for cyclists but many cyclists so use the road. Newmarket Road also needs this and as do all the busy of the main roads.

(Green Party)

Miton Rd - Arbury Rd

(Green Party)

Coldhams Lane roundabout near Sainsbury’s
The roundabout on Chesterton Road / Elizabeth Way,
The Huntingdon Road / Victoria Road / Castle Street junction
The mini roundabout near Leys School at the end of Fens Causeway
Addenbrookes hospital roundabout

(Green Party)

On my commute I find the junction where Gonville Place meets Regent Street very problematic. The narrowing of the road while still including three lanes for motorists mean there is no space for cycles and often you are squeezed dangerously close to the kerb by cars trying to pass. I'd like to see some improvements to that junction, perhaps looking at narrowing it to one lane of motor traffic on either side with increased separated space for cyclists.

The roundabout where King St, Jesus Lane, Maid's Causeway and Victoria Avenue meet also doesn't feel particularly safe to me when passing on my bike, so I would like to explore how to make passing that easier for cyclists.


Histon/Victoria/Huntingdon Rds

Margery ABBOTT
(Labour Party)

The junction which I would never have attempted to cycle over is the one by the Catholic Church on Hills Road. Although there have been modifications I think it would benefit from cyclists and pedestrians being separated from cars. The other junction that would also benefit from this is the one where Elizabeth Way joins East Road and Newmarket Road.

(Labour Party)

I commute along Hills Road on a daily basis and one of the junctions I would like to see considered for separation is the Hills Rd/Long Road junction which is busy with pedestrians, cyclists and cars throughout the day and currently quite dangerous for all groups. I’m interested to see the outcome of the recent City Deal consultation on this junction.

(Labour Party)

Those two, and maybe Hills Road/Cherry Hinton Road junction.

(Labour Party)

I don't know all the areas of Cambridge which might have problems but an area where I have witnessed is the roundabout where Fen Causeway meets Trumpington Road.

(Labour Party)

I think the plans for Mitchams Corner have to achieve a high quality public space that isn't hostile to pedestrians and cyclists as is now the case, so I would like to see what can be done here. Roundabouts are generally not good for any but the most confident cyclists.

Nick GAY
(Labour Party)

A junction which requires a radical improvement is the roundabout where Fen Causeway meets Trumpington Road. This major hazard for cyclists is a challenge for infrastructure designers to come up with a solution that will improve safety for all users.
Another local junction of concern is Hauxton Rd/Waitrose. Trumpington Labour are petitioning for the provision of a pedestrian crossing, cycle lanes and priority traffic lights here (see https://www.facebook.com/trumpingtonlabourparty/)

Danielle GREENE
(Labour Party)

A junction which requires a radical improvement is the roundabout where Fen Causeway meets Trumpington Road. This major hazard for cyclists is a challenge for infrastructure designers to come up with a solution that will improve safety for all users.
Elizabeth Way, East Road and Newmarket Road roundabout is another major hazard for cyclists to negotiate.

(Labour Party)

I want to see the Elizabeth Way/Newmarket Road/East Road roundabout filled in and turned into a safer four-way junction, along with dedicated cycle paths, as per the plans laid out in the Eastern Gate Supplementary Planning Document Key Project One. In 2013 I was instrumental in winning £50,000 from the County Council towards a feasibility study to look in depth at the Key Projects, including the Elizabeth Way roundabout, so more detailed work could take place on costs and benefits. Unfortunately, the County Council haven’t made much progress with this work, much to the frustration of me and the Cycling Campaign.

If reelected I will continue to press City and County Council officers to recognise the strategic importance of Newmarket Road and include the four-way junction project in future tranches of City Deal funding.

(Labour Party)

Station Road, particularly around the train station.

(Labour Party)

I am not really sure and would have to look into it further. Generally I'd love all the cycle lanes and junctions to be separated but unfortunately most roads in Cambridge are just too narrow, so we need to find solutions that work for all users.

(Labour Party)

The Kingston St/Devonshire Rd junction with Mill Road is particularly difficult for cyclists but will largely be overcome by the use of the tunnel under the approach road to the bridge as part of the Chisolm Trail. The junction of Tenison Rd with Gt Northern Way is poorly designed and hazardous for cyclists in particular. I recently met with the planners and road engineers to review it and some improvements should result from that ahead of it becoming the busy route to the new station square in September.

(Labour Party)

As someone who has been knocked off their bike on this junction, I fully support segregation. All roundabouts especially larger ones (and of course the biggest - Mitcham's Corner) are a discouragement to all but the most confident cyclists.
In West Chesterton, the other concern at junctions is where cars park right up to the junction e.g. Courtney Way and Gurney Way from Gilbert Road and Hurst Park Avenue from Milton Road.

Patrick SHEIL
(Labour Party)

The junction connecting Huntingdon Road, Histon Road, Victoria Road and Castle Street is one which needs urgent attention, and one where full separation might work well. There are a number of problems here. Traffic lights do not give pedestrians enough time to cross the road. Cars go into lanes not corresponding to their destination. Cyclists and pedestrians are suffering as a result. We need a cycle light that goes green allowing cyclists to move ahead of cars for those first crucial seconds (as in the new arrangement at the bottom of Castle Hill). What currently happens is that both start to move at the same time with one or the other having to improvise if there is a sudden change of direction. This can lead to accidents.

Full separation works well, but it can't solve everything. Ahead of the junctions on Madingley Road (e.g. Hedgerley Close, Bulstrode Gardens, Wilberforce Road and Grange Road), warning signs for motorists could go up to alert motorists to cyclists passing in front of them.

We also need better warning about junctions for motorists on Huntingdon Road. We must promote awareness of cyclists turning across the road to go into Howes Place / Lawrence Weaver Road / Yeoman Drive and similar. Traffic should be slowed at the complex junction by the Travellers' Rest on upper Huntingdon Road with private turn-offs on the left (coming from Cambridge) and Whitehouse Lane and the Hotel Felix on the right.

Another junction that could benefit from this type of improvement for cyclists is the roundabout where the Fen Causeway meets Trumpington Road. The same applies to the big Elizabeth Way roundabout leading to Newmarket Road and/or East Road. These are areas of significant hazard for cyclists to negotiate.

Donald ADEY
(Liberal Democrat)

Again, your campaign had identified many. As a member, I would look to you for the most top risk ones to improve first.

(Liberal Democrat)

I am open to being persuaded, but no examples leap to mind. I am not finding myself thinking "this place needs changes to help me cycle" on any of the routes I regularly use -- Cambridge has already done a lot in this regard.

(Liberal Democrat)

I am concerned about the staggered junctions along Trumpington Road/Street with Fen Causeway and Lensfield Road. I do not know if these dual mini-roundabouts lend themselves to this approach, but am interested to know. It was disappointing that these were not included in the recent clutch of cycling projects funded by the City Deal and I would try and give priority to it at the next opportunity.

(Liberal Democrat)

Robin Hood Junction could be significant improved by adding protections to the Junction (especially for those turning right along Queen Edith’s way). Additional separated cycle lanes around Fendon Roundabout would also provide significant improvements for the local community.

(Liberal Democrat)

I'm not a highway designer but I imagine there could be scope to design this kind of junction at the Milton Road/Kings Hedges Road junction, and perhaps at the Chesterton Rd/Elizabeth Way roundabout. The double mini-roundabout at Trumpington St/Lensfield Rd/fen Causeway causes me concern and I'd be interested to know whether the Cycling Campaign feels a fully separated junction could be achieved here.

Daniel LEVY
(Liberal Democrat)

The one that springs to mind is the crossroads joining Gonville Place, Hills Road, Regent Street and Lensfield Road. It's a large junction and I know that cyclists have had problems there since the layout was changed a few years back. There is definite potential for safety measures like this to be implemented there.

(Liberal Democrat)

My top priority would be the roundabouts at Fen Causeway, Trumpington Road and Lensfield Road, followed by better signals at the Queen's Road/Silver Street junction and Mill Lane/Trumpington Street/Penbroke Street. Magdelen Street and the junction at the bottom of Madingley Road are also very bad. Many of these junctions lie just outside Newnham, but have a big impact on Newnham residents.

Shahida RAHMAN
(Liberal Democrat)

I believe that roundabouts are more dangerous to cyclists than to any other kind of road user. Large roundabouts can be very off-putting to new cyclists and particularly children. Elizabeth Way roundabout could benefit from a redesign and make it safer for cyclists.

(Liberal Democrat)

The whole of Newmarket Road needs to be looked at in light of the levels of traffic, junctions and bus traffic. It is important for City Planners to take all needs into account at the scoping and planning stage and not leave consultations until decisions have been made.

Catherine SMART
(Liberal Democrat)

All round-abouts can be difficult for cyclists, especially those less confident. They are also land-greedy and pedestrian un-friendly. I would like to see a programme to change all round-abouts in the city to signalised crossings with separation for motorised traffic, cyclists and pedestrians.

The junction of Coldhams Lane, Barnwell Road and Brooks Road by Sainsburys would be the first on my list to be changed.

(Liberal Democrat)

To choose junctions for safety improvements to benefit pedestrians and cyclists one should start by looking at the evidence, by analysing the accident statistics and types to see which junctions have the worst problems, and then it would be a matter of determine whether a design of this type would be practical and beneficial. This is an exercise best carried out by highway engineers - I do not have any professional expertise in this area and would not like to second-guess the results of such a study.

(UK Independence Party)

If cyclists kept off footpaths and obeyed traffic lights it would help

Richard JEFFS
(UK Independence Party)

If it is unsafe for cyclists to proceed, they should dismount and continue on foot. We are spending hundreds of thousands on cycling "improvements" whilst potholes are appearing left, right and centre and street lighting seems constantly under threat compromising community safety.

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