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Question 1 - we asked:

Do you support our proposal for 'The Chisholm Trail', a cycling and walking route that would run roughly along the railway, joining up the Science Park to Addenbrookes? More details are in our Cycling Vision 2016 document. This high-profile scheme would cut journey times, give people a genuine, realistic alternative to car use and help the city cope with the population increase which will take place in the coming years.

We asked this question in all 17 wards, namely: Abbey, Arbury, Castle, Cherry Hinton, Coleridge, Cottenham, East Chesterton, Girton, Histon & Impington, King's Hedges, Market, Newnham, Petersfield, Queen Edith's, Romsey, Trumpington, West Chesterton.

43 of the 69 candidates (62%) who were asked this question responded as below.

Those candidate(s) which were elected are highlighted.

(Cambridge Socialists)

Yes. This should have been part of the development of the guided bus. We need to campaign to ensure that there are lots of places you can join the route as well. The currwent section of the guided bus cycleway (although the best thing about the whole debacle) makes limitted use of access to key junctions and is poorly lit in large parts!

Timothy James HAIRE
(Conservative Party)

Yes. The Chisholm trail is an excellent project. As well as providing much needed infrastructure big projects like this are crucial to encouraging people to get on their bikes.

Richard Graham JEFFS
(Conservative Party)

Yes. The cycling path alongside the Guided Busway has turned out to be an enormous success. It is very well-used, and seems to have encouraged many people in villages along the route to cycle more regularly. Users of this route need to finish their journey using the roads as the Guided Busway doesn’t continue through the centre of the city. The route beside the railway would be an ideal way to join the two halves up, would encourage a lot more cycling along the route, and would be much safer than using the roads.

Steven James MASTIN
(Conservative Party)

I wholeheartedly support this proposal.

(Conservative Party)

Yes I fully support your proposal

(Conservative Party)

Yes, I support this proposal, but I think that the some of the cited motivation for it is misplaced. I cycle to Addenbrokes every day from my residence in Petersfield, and am satisfied with the journey by road. Most of my colleagues also cycle to Addenbrokes, using the road, and from more distant homes. There simply is no need to use a car to travel within Cambridge if one is physically able to cycle, with or without the cycle track. A dedicated cycle track for this journey should improve the safety of cyclists, and be more family friendly, but I do not think there is an urgent need for it as most roads have dedicated cycle / bus lanes, which are sufficiently safe.

(Conservative Party)

This is a great idea and I can see hundreds of people using it to cross the city safely
and avoid traffic..

Alastair John SIMPSON
(Conservative Party)

I think the proposal for The Chisholm Trail is an excellent idea and support it wholeheartedly. A more direct, safer route through the city, some of it off-road, will undoubtedly be of benefit to commuters as well as leisure cyclists. Passing near the proposed Chesterton Parkway station, this trail would offer a real alternative primary transport route for Girton's residents, and provide further integration of greener and cleaner transport options.

Edward James Anthony TURNHAM
(Conservative Party)

I broadly agree with Cycling Vision 2016, which contains some very well thought-out proposals. The Chisholm trail would be a particularly important addition to our infrastructure.

I cycle several miles in Cambridge every day. Although the situation for cyclists has improved over the last few years, there are many more improvements that could be made to our streets.

(Green Party)

"The Chisholm Trail". running through a large part of central Cambridge, is an excellent plan. Whatever can be done to make cycling a realistic alternative to car use, needs to be supported. And, from everyone's point of view, designated cycle and pedestrian paths -- separate from motorised traffic -- are a good thing.

Ceri Barbara GALLOWAY
(Green Party)

I have long been interested in seeing a link between the guided bus way cycle paths from Trumpington to Cambridge Railway Station and beyond to North Chesterton Station and to where cyclists could pick up the continuation of the guided bus way cycle track to St Ives. I have proposed this a number of times in local forums during discussions about local development of the area.

There is land still in the hands of the railway companies between Cambridge Station and the proposed North Chesterton station would offer an opportunity for this link to be made.

So, yes I'm in favour of this proposal and also support the cycle campaigns is in the aim to have numerous exits and entrances from the proposed track to give access to local colleges, businesses and homes.

Brett Mark HUGHES
(Green Party)

Yes - Absolutely

Stephen Roger LAWRENCE
(Green Party)

Yes. Transformative scheme.

Peter Harry POPE
(Green Party)

I support the proposal.

Douglas Raymond DE LACEY

I enthusiastically support the Trail, and have done for many years.


YES and I mention it in my election leaflet.

(Labour & Co-operative)

I think that creating such well thought out routes is an essential part of encouraging more people to travel to work, school etc by bike and to help cut down on car dependence. This route connects the north and south of the city whilst avoiding the heavily congested city centre. Queen Edith's is home to one of the largest employers in the city Addenbrooke's as well as many of the city's secondary schools/Sixth Forms. As part of wider cycling initiatives it could really help to encourage many of those who work in this area of the city but live in the north of the city, and vice versa, to leave the car at home.

(Labour & Co-operative)

Yes. I give the 'Chisholm Trail' my full support. It is an exciting project. Having a joined-up and inter-linked route between the three main employment centres of Cambridge will encourage more people to leave their car at home and travel to work by bike, alleviate the gridlock on our roads and reduce vehicle emissions. It will also boost the Cambridge economy. I am pleased that funding has been committed by the County Council to start putting into practice its recommendations.

George OWERS
(Labour & Co-operative)

In light of the positive assessment in the County Council’s feasibility study, I support the Chisholm Trail, which will become more viable with the new Chesterton Station being built. It would provide an excellent route joining the north and south of the city, which would cut congestion and make Cambridge more bike-friendly. If elected, I will support all efforts to identify funding for the scheme.

Margery ABBOTT
(Labour Party)

I would support the idea of encouraging more people to leave their cars at home and travel to work by bike, which would alleviate the gridlock on our roads and reduce vehicle emissions.

Sarah CAIN
(Labour Party)

Yes; it fits perfectly with Labour's current 2012 Manifesto commitment to reduce car use and improve non-car access to the city centre and other key local sites. This would provide much-needed cycle access between two world-class centres of scientific and medical research in Cambridge, which together support a large population of researchers, residents, students and postdocs who cycle.

(Labour Party)

Our Group on the city council support’s the 'The Chisholm Trail'.

(Labour Party)

Yes, I do support Cambridge Cycling Campaign’s important proposal for ‘The Chisholm Trail’, as does the Labour Group on the City Council. The proposal for the trail should be assessed in conjunction with other current and proposed public transport measures and the cost implications of these.

(Labour Party)

I fully support your proposal for 'The Chisholm Trail'.

I don't think that engineering solutions such as 'The Chisholm Trail' are the full solution. Town planning needs to re-think the current zoning philosophies that wind up forcing people to live long distances from employment and concentrates employment into narrow areas. Given the current zoning philosophies high levels or car based commuting are inevitable

(Labour Party)

I support The Chisholm Trail initiative as it should encourage more people to use cycles to commute. However, before the proposed route is finalised residents along the planned route should be consulted. Concerns have already been raised about the building of a new bridge over the Cam and the impact on Stourbridge Common. Has consideration been given to using the existing cycle/ pedestrian bridge that links Chesterton to Riverside on The Chisholm Trail route?

(Labour Party)

Emphatically, yes. We need to make sure that this informs the policy review of the Local Plan.

(Labour Party)

I support the Chisholm Trail in principle, but there are certain aspects that are of concern such as the effect on Water Street, the Green Dragon bridge and Stoubridge Common.

Ashley WALSH
(Labour Party)

Yes, both I and the Cambridge Labour Party support the proposal for 'The Chisolm Trail'.

(Liberal Democrat)

First, a Declaration of Interests: I am a keen cyclist, I do not have a car, I am the Cycling Champion for Cambridge, I am member of the Cycling and Pedestrians Steering Group, and I am a member of the Cambridge Cycling Campaign.

I am very aware of the conflicts that frequently happen between different road and pavement users. I should like to see many more separated routes for cyclists. I have seen many improvements yet too many cycle lanes come to an abrupt end, too many are in conflict with pedestrians or motorists. For all these reasons I am very much interested to ensure the community safety and improve sensibleness of cyclists in and into the city. The Trail proposal would be a critical and appreciated added value to the work that has already taken place to improve cycle and pedestrian routes in Cambridge. I am supporting the Busway-Hills Road Bridge link and Long Road Cycle Lanes campaign and joining a petition to light the Guided Bus cycleway.

(Liberal Democrat)

I think it's a visionary project and a splendid challenge to all serving on the relevant public bodies. I support it.

(Liberal Democrat)

I support the scheme and welcomed the recent Lib Dem motion at County Council to commit to completion by 2020. I was sorry that the controlling Conservative group refused to agree this.

Richard William GYMER
(Liberal Democrat)

I greatly enjoy using the Guided Cycleway and I would look forward to a more car-free journey to the railway station and Sixth Form Colleges.

Rhodri Mark JAMES
(Liberal Democrat)

It's a carefully thought through scheme with obvious advantages, who wouldn't say yes? I'm sufficiently off the route in Arbury that it wouldn't be a great deal of benefit to me, but it's clearly a good idea.

(Liberal Democrat)

I am very much in favour of the Chisholm Trail.

(Liberal Democrat)

I would give very serious consideration to any scheme that promotes sustainable transport and increases cycling levels. The Chisholm Trail would do this and has much merit. I fully support your proposal.

Neil Michael MCGOVERN
(Liberal Democrat)

I do support the proposal. If elected, as executive councillor for Customer Services and Resources, I will push for the land and roadway along Cowley Road to take account of this scheme.

(Liberal Democrat)

In East Chesterton the question is When and How not If. When is soon via an adjunct to the the new station project. How is with a little help from Sustrans and a lot of help from
Network Rail. It is in their interest to provide a cycle friendly station with easy access for
pedestrians and cyclists separate from appropriate access for motor vehicles.

Zoe Imogen O'CONNELL
(Liberal Democrat)

Yes. I am a firm believer in schemes that separate out vulnerable road users from faster moving traffic and the Chisholm Trail is a good example of this. It is a desperately needed piece of infrastructure and I would seek to safeguard any land needed to work towards its realisation.

(Liberal Democrat)

Short answer: yes. I understand my colleagues on the County Council (amongst others) are supporting many this.

(Liberal Democrat)

Yes, keen to improve the safety and practicality of cyclists in and into the city. The Chisholm Trail would be an important and valuable addition to the work that has already taken place to improve cycle and pedestrian routes.

Catherine Helen Lindsay SMART
(Liberal Democrat)

Yes, I think it would be a good addition to the major cycleway network in the city for all the reasons you give. I also think the sooner the better before the available land is taken by other things. I think it ought to have a specific mention in the new local plan - which, as you know,will have the first stage of the public consultation this summer

Planning aside, the County Council would be responsible for some parts of the project, and my ward colleague on the county council recently submitted a motion to it calling for them to commit to completing the project by
2020: http://www.cambridgeshire.gov.uk/CMSWebsite/Apps/Committees/AgendaItem.aspx?agendaItemID=5126
In this way the Romsey Lib Dem team is working in a co-ordinated way on both the City and County councils to make this vital project happen as soon as possible.

Amanda Joan TAYLOR
(Liberal Democrat)

Although it goes round Queen Edith's, many of my constituents would benefit from having better cycle route provision to the north of the city and other parts.

I certainly support the Chisholm Trail and am pleased that some parts of it have already been implemented. We must now make more progress on the links, to make it possible to do more of a journey on safe cycle routes.

(United People's Party)

Brilliant idea in principle! I think the misguided bus should follow it as well rather than going down Milton Road and stuck in traffic! My experience as a cyclist is that there are few 'joined-up' cycling routes across Cambridge, being 'bits and pieces' with occasional sign-posting. The Chisholm Trail gives a potential 'linked' proper cycling route from the north/Kings Hedges/Milton to the railway station and I support it. I understand that the 'cycling tsar' is also planning on pursuing this (cllr Martin Curties Cambs CC) so it might happen now at last!

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