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Question 12 - we asked:

We would like to see the Downing Street / Mill Lane route becoming the default priority direction at its junction with Trumpington Street. This would enable the high pedestrian and cycle flows to be catered for better. Do you support this idea?

We asked this question in these 2 wards: Market, Newnham.

7 of the 8 candidates (88%) who were asked this question responded as below.

Stephen Richard OLIVER
(Conservative Party)

If this proposal is substantiated by evidence of traffic data and accepted by residents, businesses, road and footpath users through consultation, then I would support it.

Jack Benjamin TOYE
(Green Party)

I do support this idea yes. It is a dangerous junction that favours the car user at the moment. A re-aligning of transport priorities would be a smart choice at this junction.

James Christopher YOUD
(Green Party)

I do support this idea and think it would be of great advantage to Newnham residents who use this route. It is often quite a dangerous cross roads as cyclists often don't know whether cars are turning into Pembroke Street on heading straight on.
Beyond this I would also call for the number of spaces at city centre car parks (especially Grand Arcade) to be cut dramatically which would remove a lot of vehicular traffic from central streets. I don't think this is the only instance in which a junction could be redefined to give cyclists and pedestrians priority and think that they should be looked at case by case.

(Labour Party)

In principle, yes. I think that the question of bus access from Trumpington St into Downing St also needs to be looked at at the same time, so that public transport (eg from the Park and Ride), has reasonably free access into Downing St as well.

(Labour Party)

This can be a confusing junction especially when the Trumpington Park and Ride bus is turning into Pembroke Street and if the priority is changed this would have to be considered. There is also the queue of cars for the car park so a very busy junction which needs to be improved with careful consideration before anything is changed.

(Liberal Democrat)

I do think this is an idea the should be explored - at the moment it is very confusing for all road users

Colin Richard ROSENSTIEL
(Liberal Democrat)

I would need to be convinced it would be a realistic proposal. There are a lot of cars using that junction at times. Just painting different white lines might not have the expected effect.

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