Cycling during the coronavirus pandemic

Cycling can help us all stay healthy, boost our immune systems and lift our spirits during the Covid-19 pandemic. Staying safe is imperative but we can – and should – keep cycling.

Cycling alone or in family groups for essential travel or daily exercise has been permitted throughout the pandemic and bike shops have always remained open. Encouraging walking or cycling is important to keep levels of air pollution and congestion low, enable people to stay active and free up space on public transport for those who need it.

The government guidelines last changed on 17 May as many of the restrictions from the third lockdown in England were eased. Groups of up to 30 people from any number of households are permitted to meet outdoors, which means group rides of that number are permitted. However, Cycling UK advises that limiting group rides to a maximum of 15 is sensible and that people should exercise some discretion and common sense depending on where they are riding.

With many people beginning or rediscovering cycling, Camcycle wants to help enable new habits to continue. We also want to support our community of members and volunteers, some of whom may be unable to cycle at the present time. For the moment, we will continue to broadcast our monthly meetings online, although from the summer onwards we will start to resume our participation in outdoor events with the Camcycle stall bike.

Camcycle remains busy campaigning on a variety of local issues. Our Spaces to Breathe campaign works to ensure those cycling and walking can stay safe and healthy during the coronavirus pandemic and beyond.

Virus. A woman with a bicycle and a protective medical mask is standing in the park.

Can I continue to cycle during the coronavirus pandemic?

Camcycle advises you to keep on cycling for exercise and essential journeys, where it is safe to do so.

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Family with a cargo bike

I’m new to cycling. What do I need to know?

Welcome! We hope you find cycling an enjoyable and rewarding experience. You’ll find support in and around Cambridge, from other cyclists and an amazing network of bike shops.

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What can I do to address issues on my cycle routes?

Our new Spaces to Breathe campaign is working to keep people safe when cycling and walking. Tell us the areas you’d like to see improved.

Find out more about our Spaces to Breathe campaign
Share your ideas for areas to be improved (Camcycle form)
Sign our Spaces to Breathe letter to decision-makers
Contact us to share your story or get involved in this campaign

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How can I stay safe and support my community?

It’s never been more important to work together to protect each other and the NHS. We’re continuing to gather lists of things you can do as a cycling volunteer or while staying safely at home.

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Person in Camcycle T-shirt on a bike

What is Camcycle doing during the coronavirus period?

We continue to campaign for more, better and safer cycling but have reassessed our priorities for the year. Events such as the Reach Ride are cancelled and other meetings are moving online.

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Camcycle monthly meetings online
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