Coronavirus update – New Camcycle priorities for 2020


On 13 March we announced our immediate response to the Coronavirus pandemic including the closure of the Camcycle office and working from home arrangements for our staff.

We’ve now had time to assess our 2020 plans and re-establish our priorities which have been approved by the trustees at our 19 March trustee meeting.

We can now confirm that all events in March, April and May have inevitably been cancelled or moved online. Sadly, this includes the Reach Ride (the Reach Fair has also been cancelled). Our April and May monthly meetings have been moved online and you can find out how to watch here. We’re expecting our June events to also be affected and therefore have put all planning for our physical anniversary celebrations on hold too.

In response to this uncertainty, we’ve decided to change our strategy for the whole year ahead. We are a small organisation with limited resources and we do not want to invest these resources on activities that may not come to bear. We also have a lot of other projects that we have long wanted to complete, and so the present pause in events and planning and consultation activity provides the opportunity to make a lot of progress here.

Therefore, in 2020, we will be focusing on:

  • Continuing to develop our plan for the future. This will respond to the changing external environment and set a new strategy for Camcycle in the coming years so we can be even more effective with our campaigning.
  • Completing our cycling policies project, having now made a good start on this. Our policies will be vital to enable more members to support our work and will strengthen our campaigning with clearly-defined and well-researched policy positions.
  • Upgrading our website. A long-overdue project and a huge amount of work to audit and improve content as well as improve the design and usability. Technical work on this is almost done now. But we’d really welcome any offers of help to review and rewrite material!
  • Upgrading and reorganising our behind-the-scenes IT systems which will help our staff team be much more productive.
  • Fundraising to support these projects and the implementation of our new strategy in 2021.
  • Documenting our processes to ensure we have good guidance when key support roles need to be handed over to new volunteers.

We will continue to produce our award-winning magazine, however, the June edition may be temporarily limited to digital distribution. We will aim to print copies later in the year when our volunteer distribution network is reestablished.

Following our reprioritisation, we have decided to halt all planning for the Cambridge Festival of Cycling. We believe it will be too challenging to organise events and raise the sponsorship and grant funding we need to make the Festival sustainable during this period of economic uncertainty. We will reassess our Festival plans once we have a better idea of what will be feasible in September, however, we expect the Festival to be a very simple affair in 2020 if it does go ahead.

We have also cancelled the recruitment process for our 2020 intern. It would not be fair to put someone through the recruitment process while there is a risk we will not be able to deliver on our commitment to a quality internship experience.

Camcycle is in good financial shape to make it through the next few months of disruption, however, we do expect this to affect our finances in the medium term as sponsorship, grants, advertising and donated income are likely to be reduced.

Our overall goal for 2020 is to invest in Camcycle’s capabilities so that in 2021 we will be more effective than ever. The world may be a different place after this pandemic and we hope to see a real appetite for a better way of life including healthy and sustainable transport like cycling. We will be ready to lead the way.