Archive of dormant/completed subgroups

Here is an archive of previous subgroups, which are now either dormant or have completed their work.

Arbury Camp
Studying Sainsbury’s plans for development.
Improving facilities and services for cyclists
Bridge Street
Responded to the experimental road closure scheme. See our leading article in Newsletter 11.
Cycle Enumeration Analysing cycle journeys in Cambridge
Footway Buildouts
Responded to the large buildouts added to Jesus Lock pedestrian crossing, and produced our Position Paper on Footway Buildouts .
Grand Cycle Ride 1997
Planning the big ride.
Hills Road Corridor
Looking at the route to Addenbrooke’s.
Produced a cycle route map of Cambridge and the area
Millennium Festival of Cycling
Planning events for June 2000. For more information, see our Millennium Festival of Cycling pages.
Road Danger Reduction Charter
Working to get the RoadPeace charter adopted locally.
Registration scheme (dormant at present).
Science Park Access
Looking at plans to widen Milton Road – and their impact on cyclists. See the Science Park Access Sub-group page for more information.
Shared Use Paths
finalising our draft policy document.
This group produced our Campaign Manifesto.
SuperCAM Studying proposals for a major new public transport development
This group organised our Better Cycling For Adults course in late 1996.
Traffic Signals Improving provision for cyclists at traffic signals
Trailer Loan Scheme
Working to start a trailer loan scheme
West Cambridge Monitoring the University’s plans for development