Past campaigning activity

We have campaigned on many issues in our 20 year history, many which are still relevant today. This page links to resources related to past issues, including campaign issue pages and consultation responses.

Past campaigning

Current and past issues The campaigning issues section lists many past and ongoing issues. Current issues of particular note are usually featured on the front page.
Campaigning letters and consultation responses The Campaign has written many letters, initiating ideas and responding to a large number of consultations from the local Councils.
Subgroups These worked on a specific task or subject – now superseded by Cyclescape.
Press releases Note that recent material is posted on the blog

Other material

  • Cambridge Cycling in the City Film about 12 years of campaigning in Cambridge, made in 2007 by Campaign member Simon Nuttall
  • Talks given to or by the Campaign
  • Videos, many from the early days of the Campaign.