Arbury Park road works

Photos taken 17th April 2006

These show the start of a bit of path on the west side of Cambridge Road south of the Kings Hedges Road junction. This path is just 1.5 m wide, which is hopelessly inadequate for a bidirectional shared use path. London’s guidelines say that such a path should be 3 m wide as a minimum.

Note how this does not include the cut through to the left here to meet up with the well used NIAB track:

Also, carry on a little while and you find yourself at a dropped kerb at a peculiar angle trying to cross a side road. The on road cycle lane which used to exist (albeit a totally inadequate 1.1 m one) didn’t require cyclists to give way to the side road. The path the other side of this junction is 3 m wide:

Google Maps image showing the old mandatory cycle lane (with parked car) and the cut through which is being lost marked by a yellow arrow. The detour for cyclists and pedestrians wanting to use the NIAB path is to go north to the junction and back again.

The image is also available here. You can scroll around and see other parts of the site before development: