Arbury Park safety audits

The Arbury Park subgroup has now obtained Safety Audits for the changes to the highway that have been made.

Arbury Park Safety Audit (Stage 3) – August 2006

Arbury Park Safety Audit (Stage 2) – January/February 2004

Note in particular the following extract, which mirrors what we have been saying:

B7. Whole Site

These broad issues are relevant to several or all of the areas, to avoid excessive repetition these may not be duplicated in the individual sections 1 to 6 unless there are detail points specific to one area


B7.1 PROBLEM (whole site)

Some of the carriageway widths between islands and at junctions fall into the range (3.1m to 3.9m) that can lead to problems of cars attempting to overtake cyclists where there is not really enough room. Where widths are less than 3.1m drivers are unlikely to attempt overtaking, as there is clearly not enough room. Where widths are greater than 3.9m there should be sufficient room to complete the manoeuvre safely.


Wherever possible kerb-to-kerb widths in this range should be avoided.