Have your say and help build cycle-friendly places near you

There are several important consultations happening at the moment (and more coming soon!). We encourage you to get involved and have your say to help create better cycling and walking routes in the places where you live and work.

If you want a joined-up network of cycle routes across Cambridgeshire…

Map of proposed routes on the Cambridge Cycling and Walking Infrastructure PlanPlease respond to the Cambridgeshire Local Cycling and Walking Infrastructure Plan consultation.

Time to complete:
10-15 minutes
(plus time to read the associated documents)
Deadline: 11.59pm on Tuesday 13 July

The Cambridgeshire Local Cycling and Walking Infrastructure Plan (LCWIP) covers the whole county. The plan highlights priority routes for cycling in each district using census data to identify where funding could have the greatest effect in terms of where people live and work. For walking it focuses on Cambridge city and the market towns to identify the main routes to school, local shops, employment and train/bus stations.

Cambridgeshire County Council are keen to hear residents’ views, particularly on the proposed routes for each district. If funding becomes available to progress any of the routes within the plan there will be further feasibility work undertaken and local consultation for each individual scheme.

Coming up: The Greater Cambridge Partnership plan to fund some more ‘missing links’ for cycling and walking in and around Cambridge as part of their Sustainable Travel project. A consultation to inform the decisions on this project is expected later in the summer.

We’ll be publishing further blogposts on the LCWIP consultation over the coming weeks to help you respond to the proposals for this important plan. Please let us know if there are any areas you’d like us to focus on.


If you want to see more low-traffic neighbourhoods, creating safe routes for people cycling and walking and cleaner air for residents…

A cyclist rides past a large planter creating an experimental low-traffic neighbourhood in CambridgePlease respond to the consultation on phase two of experimental measures in the Newtown area, including the ‘modal filter’ on Panton Street.

Time to complete: 5 minutes
Deadline: noon on Friday 11 June

As part of the Covid-19 emergency fund for active travel, the Greater Cambridge Partnership installed some experimental measures on roads in Cambridge to help create safer routes for walking and cycling. In the Newtown area of Cambridge, the first phase of the trial began in August 2020 and a second phase, including a closure of Panton Street to through motor traffic, started in January 2021. The current consultation wants to know people’s views on this second part of the scheme.

Camcycle supports this scheme as part of our Spaces to Breathe campaign – it has improved journeys for the many children attending schools in the area and created a more pleasant place for residents. We would like to see the current experimental trials made permanent and more liveable streets created across the county. This would enable more people to choose walking and cycling for their everyday journeys.


If you want to keep electric motor vehicles out of bus and cycle lanes…

Trial EV lane on Elizabeth Way, CambridgePlease write to Cambridgeshire County Council to object to the current experimental scheme on Elizabeth Way

Time to complete: 5 minutes
Deadline: Sunday 13 June

At the end of last year, Cambridgeshire County Council began an experimental traffic scheme allowing electric motor vehicles (EVs) to use the Elizabeth Way bus lane. We strongly object to this scheme as many bus lanes are also heavily used by cyclists (on many roads, that is currently the safest option) and to roll this trial out across the county would significantly increase the danger to people cycling. Camcycle also believes that the scheme, which aims to increase the uptake of EVs, will both impede the reliability of public transport and fail in its aims as the lanes quickly become congested with cars. Motoring organisation the RAC agrees with us.

We urge you to write a strong email of objection to the Policy and Regulation team at the county council (policyandregulation@cambridgeshire.gov.uk). Please include the name of the order ‘PR0667’ in the subject of the email and send a copy to your local county councillor.


Other consultations:

Cambridge Biomedical Campus

The Campus is developing a new vision for the future of the site. Have your say on how it needs to transform transport by sharing your views on the CBC website or emailing info@cbc-vision.co.uk by the end of May.

East West Rail

The most recent consultation on the East West Rail scheme closes on 9 June. Their website explains the ways you can share your views.

Cambridge Market Square

Cambridge City Council is consulting on its plans to transform the market square into an ‘inclusive, attractive and vibrant place in which to trade, shop and visit, both during the day and into the evening and night’. Key points for people walking and cycling are the proposal to create a single unified surface across the entire square (with a reduction in width of the roadway) and some relocation of current cycle parking stands. Find out more and complete the survey on the city council’s website.