Update – 6th March

Well done to all those who braved 'The Beast from the East' and cycled through the snow! And well done to those who decided to stay warm and cosy inside instead. Now that the snow has melted we hope we will see you at our monthly meeting this evening (Tuesday, details below).

Operation 'Close Pass' forgets close passes

We were very pleased to announce last week that Cambridgeshire Police were launching a close pass operation, 'Op Velo'. It was, however, disapointing to hear that in their first 3.5-hour operation they took action on only two close passes. As most people cycling in Cambridge would agree, that seems like a very low number. We will ask the police to target problem areas where close passes are occuring at a significantly higher rate than 2 per 3.5 hours. Join the discussion on Cyclescape 3602.

close pass

Update on Chisholm Trail and Mill Road Depot

If you haven't already, you can sign our petition about the Mill Road Depot turning its back on the Chisholm Trail. We've already seen some improvements to the proposed plans but we still don't think they are good enough and we are pushing for better access to the Trail and more permeability from the Depot site.  

March monthly meeting

6 March, 7.30pm, Friends Meeting House What’s stopping walking and cycling from being mainstream?

Guest speaker Lucy Marstrand will talk about her research ’Transport culture and curriculum: what’s stopping walking and cycling from being mainstream?', which looks at local authority ‘Heads of Transport’ to find out more about the people and their qualifications which the transport environment around the UK. Read more about Lucy's research in our recent newsletter article.

* We need a new volunteer to organise tea and coffee at our monthly meetings. Can you help? *

Right Place Right Time

6.30pm, 24 March, Cambridge Junction

A collaboration between 30 Bird, Mohammad Mofatteh from the MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology Cambridge, Roxanne De Beaux from Camcycle, public works, Dr Kaveh Ehsani from DuPaul University Chicago and Sam Davies from Queen Edith's Community Forum.

RIGHT PLACE RIGHT TIME is an exploration of the relationship between intracellular cargo transport inside the human body and urban planning via public and private transport. We are hosting a brainstorming session to set up conversations and exchange of ideas about questions such as: What is our right to the city? How does access to space figure in the fast developments taking place in Cambridge? How do the places we build create communities? How can we think about moving people rather than vehicles? How can we make sustainable transport like cycling an option for everyone, not just the fast, fit and brave? Do buses in Cambridge help improve the quality of public transport? How can science and transport occupy the same space? The session will be interrupted by short videos and films about Cambridge and transport. Come and join our conversation and bring a tale or a story about your experience of travelling, living and working in the city you inhabit.

The session is aimed at developing RIGHT PLACE RIGHT TIME into an outdoor project with the participation of individuals and communities from Cambridge. If you would like to volunteer on the day, please reply to this email.

Consultations, meetings and events

Histon Road Local Liaison Forum5 March. 6:30 pm. Rex Freeman Hall, Chesterton Community College. See discussion on Cyclescape 2662.

Solar stud lighting on Bin BrookCloses 11 March. The City Council is proposing installation of solar stud lights on the path alongside Bin Brook between Cranmer Road and Gough Way. See discussion on Cyclescape 3837.

Right Place, Right Time – 24 March. 6.30pm. Cambridge Junction.

Cambridge South East Transport Study (A1307) – Greater Cambridge Partnership – Closes 3 April. The GCP is inviting Cambridge residents to have their say on new public transport links, new and improved walking and cycling routes and road safety improvements between Cambridge and the area to the south-east. See discussion on Cyclescape 1941.

Wellcome Genome Campus – Do you cycle to or around the Genome Campus? We're keen to hear your views on how cycling could be improved. Please respond to this email or discuss on Cyclescape 3844.

Camcycle social – Save the date – 17 April – Help us plan the next social on Cyclescape 802.

Reach 'Recce' Ride – Saturday 5 May – Help us prepare the Reach Ride route Cyclescape 3213.

Reach Ride – Monday 7 Maywww.camcycle.org.uk/ReachRide www.twitter.com/ReachRide



We will have a range of volunteer roles coming up over the next few months which are great ways to support our work for more, better and safer cycling. Please reply to this email or post in the relevant Cyclescape thread if you are interested. 

Refreshments coordinator for monthly meetings: Our refreshments coordinator, Willa, has done an amazing job for years. Now that she has new responsibilities as a Camcycle trustee we are looking for someone new to ensure we have tea, coffee and biscuits ready for our meetings each month (and packed up when we are finished). You'll be supported by several volunteers and could arrange a rota if preferred.

Election survey coordinator: Coordinate collection of questions for May's local election survey, work with local parties to get the contact details for election candidates, support candidates in completion of the survey. Requires computer/internet skills. Cyclescape 3850

Reach Ride marshals: Help us keep Reach Ride participants on route for the Reach Ride and/or help with installing signage before the ride by joining us on the 'Recce Ride'. A great way to meet other Camcycle members. We also need help distributing Reach Ride leaflets to local businesses and community centres. Cyclescape 3213

Street Cycle Parking campaign support: We will be looking for volunteers to deliver leaflets in the Romsey and Petersfield area in summer. Other campaigning support also welcome, especially if you have experience with surveys. Cyclescape 2876

GDPR – General Data Protection Regulation

Data protection law is changing on 25 May 2018 with the introduction of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). We're now preparing for these changes which will improve the control that our members have over the data we store and the way we communicate with them. We will keep you informed as we progress with these changes as there may be actions you need to take.

If you have experience in this area and can help us with our preparations then we would welcome a conversation.

To learn more about data protection you can visit the website of the Information Commissioner's Office.

Using Cyclescape

If you are having issues accessing the Cyclescape discussions please see the guidance here. Existing Camcycle members will need to register for Cyclescape the first time they use it.