Inclusive cycling

We believe that cycling should be accessible to all people of all abilities. For many people, cycling is easier than walking. We believe that if you want to cycle then infrastructure and facilities should enable you to be able to cycle, no matter whether you use a bicycle, tricycle, tandem, handcycle, cargo cycle, adapted cycle or any other type of cycle or mobility scooter.

In October, we hosted Isabelle Clement from the charity Wheels for Wellbeing, which was described in Newsletter 135. They have since published an excellent Guide to Inclusive Cycling that's worth checking out.

Recently, we have proposed and had accepted a Local Highway Improvement Initiative to improve inclusive cycling on routes in King's Hedges and Arbury. These are described in articles in our Newsletters 134 and 137. We hope that more people will look to propose similar improvements in their own neighbourhoods.

Information regarding the next round of Local Highway Improvement Initiatives will be posted here later this year: County Website

This post will be updated with more information as it becomes available.