4: Safety Improvements around the city: overview

For many new to cycling, the fear of riding in traffic is a major disincentive. Any investment in new routes has to be balanced by major investment in improved perceived and actual safety at major road junctions. The typical bicycle journey will not be from one building on a high quality cycleway to another such building. Therefore, part of the time, the journeys will be undertaken on a roadway with other traffic.

To further promote the use of bicycles, and to ease congestion caused by cars, complete corridor schemes will also be proposed. These take an existing corridor where high levels of cycling can be expected but the levels are currently very low, and redesign the use of space to make cycling the easiest and fastest way to move along this corridor. These corridor schemes could also enable the higher public transport patronage as well as cycling rates.

Finally, where engineering solutions are not possible, safety can be improved by reducing the chance of a serious injury when a motorized vehicle crashes into a bicycle. The only way to ensure a high level of safety is to reduce the speed limits in these locations.

In the following sections, we outline a list of schemes which deal with: