The new developments

Note: this page is not actively maintained and is kept for historical interest.

There are a lot of proposals and plans for new housing developments in the Cambridge area, all of which have an impact for cycling as they draw in more people all of whom will need or want to travel, to work, to school, to shop, and for leisure. Ensuring they have high-quality cycling conditions, and are linked to other places, particularly Cambridge, is an important part of guaranteeing that the impact of new developments is not manifested as gridlock in Cambridge.

Our new paper, Cycling in New Developments, describes how developers should aim to provide for cycling in Cambridge.

Cambridge Cycling Campaign tries to keep up with what is being proposed – not an easy task – and to comment critically on proposals at an early enough stage to be able to exert some influence on the plans – an even harder task. We would very much welcome assistance with this task.

The following list of proposed and active developments was compiled in 2008, and the linked pages contain partial information about the developments in question. It will be updated in due course.

The map below and accompanying text summarise the size and status of most of those developments which we know about.

Our discussion groups

We previously used a mailing list system for online discussion, and some of the pages listed above refer to this. The mailing lists have been replaced by an online discussion forum, Cyclescape, which all members are welcome to join.

Map of the developments

This map shows some of the proposed new developments, marked in orange.

New developments around Cambridge

This map is taken from the Guided Bus information produced by the County Council.