Monthly meetings

This article was published in 2008, in Newsletter 76.

We’re continuing our regular cycle of speakers and other special events at monthly meetings. As below, we hope to have a speaker or presentation for the first half, then items for discussion as usual.

Councillors and other decision-makers, and indeed the general public, are most welcome to attend these meetings.

Open meetings, which everyone is welcome to attend, are held every month. The diary section of this Newsletter and our website have the dates of forthcoming meetings, which are normally on the first Tuesday of each month at 7.30 pm for 8 pm at the Friends’ Meeting House, Jesus Lane. Tea and coffee are served from around 7.30 pm.

We thank the Friends’ Meeting House for the continued availability of their excellent venue.

We hope to arrange speakers for the April and May meetings.

Reports of recent meetings

Screenshot of online photomap and journey planning system

The topic of the December meeting was a third discussion on the Demand Management (Congestion Charging) proposals, based on the documentation now issued by the County Council. After over an hour’s discussion, members came to a broad consensus in favour of the proposals but subject to seeking reassurance on a number of issues – see article.

At the January meeting, in a change to the advertised schedule, Simon Nuttall and Martin Lucas-Smith gave a full demonstration of the Campaign’s photomap and journey planning system, similar to the presentation given to the national cycling conference in Cheltenham a year ago.

Our recently-purchased projector, obtained by way of a grant from RAG, has come in very useful at many recent meetings.

New developments – Tuesday 5 February 2008

After a series of speaker meetings, we’re taking a breather this month, to give more time to catch up on local issues. Key amongst these at present is the planning of the new developments in the Cambridge sub-region.

We will be presenting our major new Position Paper on New Developments – see article and discussing the new developments proposed at Northstowe, Trumpington Meadows and elsewhere, that are currently going through the planning system and which we have been attempting to influence.

Cycling 2020 launch to members – Tuesday 4 March 2008

Cycling 2020 logo

We really do plan to launch this important new document at the March meeting. Unfortunately it proved a bigger task than any of us expected, but huge progress has been made in the last few months to finish it for the important range of campaigning tasks it will be associated with.

Cycling 2020 is to be a visionary document for cycling in the city over the next 15 years. The brochure will contain a series of achievable but challenging plans for the delivery of an attractive cycling infrastructure, and act as a focus for campaigning. Come along and see our presentation of the document.

The March meeting will include a short EGM to elect new Committee members if candidates come forward – see elsewhere in this Newsletter for details.