Membership Corner

This article was published in 1998, in Newsletter 17.

More Members!

Thank you to everyone who has displayed posters and distributed membership forms since our last newsletter. We’re delighted at the number of £1 vouchers we’ll be sending out shortly to those who have signed up friends. Thank you – and please keep it up! See Newsletter 16 for full details.

By 1 March, we had reached the grand total of 421 members – our biggest increase since National Bike Week last year. Since the last issue, we have welcomed our 400th member, Rebecca Lack. I’m looking forward to announcing our 500th member!

Group Membership

At our February meeting, we talked about how group membership of the Campaign might work. This is the scheme we have adopted.

Groups may join Cambridge Cycling Campaign in support of its aims and to provide a means for members of the group to access the Cycling Campaign’s services. Groups may include constituted organisations, companies and bicycle user groups within a company and other groups as the committee from time to time decides.

For a membership fee of at least £25, the organisation receives the following benefits:

  • At least two copies of each edition of the newsletter, and other mailings.
  • The ability for members of the group to join the Campaign individually at the reduced rate of £3.00, which offers voting rights, the usual range of services such as discounts, optional 3rd party insurance (at the usual rate), except newsletters which would be directed via the group (or accessible via the Internet). Introducing a new member through this route does not qualify for ‘introduction vouchers’.
  • A single vote at Cycling Campaign meetings, where relevant.

If an organisation ceases to be a member, individuals can continue to be members, but must renew at the standard rate at the next renewal.

We are very pleased to welcome Addenbrooke’s NHS Trust Bicycle User Group (see Addenbrooke’s – Bitten by the BUG) as the Campaign’s first group member.

Clare Macrae