Addenbrooke’s – Bitten by the BUG

This article was published in 1998, in Newsletter 17.

Addenbrooke’s Bicycle Users’ Group (BUG) is the first corporate member to join the Cambridge Cycling Campaign, with the aid of a donation from the Addenbrooke’s NHS Trust. This is only one example of the commitment shown by the management at Addenbrooke’s Hospital to rid the site of its appalling parking problems. Cycling is seen as a key area for easing congestion on the Addenbrooke’s site, along with improving bus services and encouraging schemes such as car sharing.

My involvement with the BUG started when I was volunteered to become cycle co-ordinator for the Trust in September last year. We quickly established a small committee responsible for forming a cycle policy, and determining the needs of cyclists on the site. As many of you will know, the Addenbrooke’s site employs people from many different organisations and we therefore have representatives from the Trust itself, the MRC, the Institute of Public Health, and even the views of a frequent visitor and sometime patient.

So, what has been achieved so far?

  • introduced interest free cycle loans for staff
  • discount scheme for staff at local retailers
  • constructed a cycleway along the main driveway
  • established BUG
  • cyclists’ voice on the management-staff forum Access to Addenbrooke’s for discussing travel to the site
  • established links with the Travel for Work scheme and Cambridge Cycling Campaign
  • ensured a source of funding for cycle initiatives via the Access to Addenbrooke’s programme

What next?

Plans are already in place for

  • provision of secure cycle parking
  • improving changing and shower facilities
  • a cycle repair service on site
  • publicity for existing cycle routes in and around Cambridge
  • increasing mileage payments for official journeys by cycle
  • lobbying of, and working with, local authorities for cycle friendly initiatives
  • cycle advice and safety courses for staff
  • social cycle outings
  • improving cycle access around the site

We have been impressed with the work of Cambridge Cycling Campaign, and look forward to working alongside the group, providing the support of the biggest single-site employer in Cambridge.

I have faith that while groups such as this and the BUG at Addenbrooke’s continue to work together, that one day Cambridge will be recognised not only for its University, and the beautiful city that it is, but also for the city that finally realised that our future does not lie in the ‘infernal’ combustion engine, but in the true (leg) power of the people.

Colin Carr,
Cycle co-ordinator, Addenbrooke’s NHS Trust

The front cover picture shows the covered cycle parking immediately opposite the main entrance at Addenbrooke’s.