Recruit a Friend and Save a Pound

This article was published in 1998, in Newsletter 16.

We said last issue that we were looking at incentives to encourage members to recruit friends and neighbours, in our bid to reach 500 members by October 1998. This chart of our membership since the Campaign was launched in June 1995 shows that we need to work hard to reach 500. By the time you read this, there will only be 9 months left, so we really need to raise the rate of new memberships.

Chart of CCC Membership Count (6k)

We can now reveal details of the new scheme.

Offer! (1432bytes) For every new full-price or household subscription you sign up, we’ll send you a Cambridge Cycling Campaign Voucher for £1. You can use these £1 vouchers towards:

  • buying T-shirts and sweatshirts (and soon, mugs) at our Saturday stall
  • your next membership renewal
  • your next third-party insurance payment

They have no cash value, except that if you pay by standing order, and don’t want to buy anything on the stall, you can claim it back as cash when you renew.

There’s a special membership form in this newsletter – don’t forget to fill in your membership number, so we know where to send the voucher(s). (We’re sorry that this doesn’t extend to new unwaged memberships, but these are already heavily discounted.) If you’re using older forms, just write ‘introduced by…’ and your name, and if possible, your membership number. If you need more forms, you can collect them from the Saturday Stall, or ring us on 690718. If you have Web access, you can print your own copies at:

There’s no limit to the number of people you can sign up, or the number of vouchers you can claim! Tell people why you joined the Campaign, and what it means to you. Good luck.

And if you are reading this, and aren’t actually a Campaign member yet, please take this opportunity to join. You’ll find there are many benefits of membership:

  • six issues of this newsletter each year
  • discounts at many local bike shops (see Discounts for Members)
  • optional third-party liability insurance, through our CTC affiliation
  • you’ll help strengthen our lobbying voice in the Cambridge area

Many of the issues we’ve raised over the last two years have been brought to our attention by our members. Join the Campaign, and make your voice heard!

Annual membership rates are just:

  • Individuals: £6
  • Unwaged: £3
  • Household: £10

Third-party liability insurance costs £2.50 per year, and provides £1,000,000 cover in the event of liability being proved. (Note that this is not theft insurance).

Please join us. Your membership is important to us.

Clare Macrae

The small print

  1. Cambridge Cycling Campaign Vouchers have no cash value.
  2. We reserve the right to discontinue issue of vouchers at any time.
  3. Vouchers are only valid when signed by an elected officer of the Cambridge Cycling Campaign.
  4. Vouchers are not transferable.