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Question 8 - we asked:

On-street residential cycle parking is being brought in on one street in Romsey following a campaign. This follows some on-street cycle parking installed near pubs. Do you support further on-street cycle parking in residential areas?

We asked this question in these 4 wards: Market, Newnham, Petersfield, Romsey.

15 of the 19 candidates (79%) who were asked this question responded as below.

Those candidate(s) which were elected are highlighted.

(Conservative Party)

As mentioned in my response to question 4 there is a problem with space in some ares of the city and residential cycle parking can be one possible solution, provided it does not lead to obstruction of thoroughfares.

Simon LEE
(Conservative Party)

Yes outside the pubs, and I think we could do with more of the type used in Romsey around some of the shops. Remember Cambridge is very difficult to get about if you use a wheel chair, we need to keep streets clear of obstructions

(Conservative Party)

l think that pedestrians, mothers with push chairs, elderly with electric buggies need free access along pavements, and to have the way blocked by cycle racks would not be in the general interest.


[The candidate added the following additional comments:]

I would urge that anything you do for cyclists should be underlined by urging cyclists to:
- obey the Highway Code,
- not jump lights, even if they think there is no traffic in sight,
- that they all have a loud bell which they can ring if coming up behind pedestrians on pavements or paths
- use adequate front and rear lights.

I would like to see cycles in cities like Cambridge have compulsory licenses, so that dangerous cyclists can be traced and prosecuted if they are seen to flagrantly behave in a way that in inconsiderate or dangerous to pedestrians or car drivers.

I am sorry if you cannot use my replies in the way you might hope in your campaign for better facilities for cycles.

Maximillian FRIES
(Green Party)

Every cyclist knows how hard it is to find a save and legitimate space to leave the bike and the chaotic cycle “piles” are unbearable not only in Romsey, but all over Cambridge. I support to install more on-street cycle parking. Again, this should be done in consultation with the residents of the area that know best were it is needed the most.

(Green Party)

I support this idea 100%, it is much fairer to distribute parking space a little by allocating some of the available space to cyclists. If we could provide a bike shed where residents (maybe for a small annual fee) could park their bikes securely, that would be even better.

(Green Party)

I liked the introduction of the cycle bay outside the Kingston Arms. Mill Road and its side streets especially need more cycle parking wherever it can fit. Generally, the council and developers need to consider cycle parking for residents and visitors for any new developments, but on-street parking in residential areas is an obvious solution for some existing housing, especially with the narrow pavements of many of Petersfield's streets often being partly blocked by bins and bikes. Some raised wall-mounted cycle racks or simple wall loops could also be tried, as they can save space.

(Labour Party)

This has caused difficulties and antagonised relations between residents.
Cyclists need to be able to park their bikes and in some places this is really difficult and could dissuade people from cycling.
Consultation is key here, if cycling is safer then there will be less need of cars and parking and more space for bikes.

(Labour Party)

I would support on-street parking being introduced in areas where there is clear local resident support. Whilst we need to make sure we don't put further obstacles in the way of disabled residents accessing their homes and the historic city centre there is clearly scope for improvements.

(Labour Party)

I would certainly support the provision of on-street cycle parking and this has recently been achieved in Mawson Road and Kingston St in Petersfield ward. We are looking for more possible sites in the ward and I support this being done in other residential streets elsewhere.

(Labour Party)

Cycle racks outside pubs in Petersfield were secured by Petersfield’s Labour county councillor – other potential locations are being sought. On a case-by-case basis, I would support cycle racks in residential streets provided the views of residents was sought and a majority were in favour – as was the case in Romsey.

(Labour Party)

With Cambridge having the unenviable title of bike-theft capital of the UK, the City Council clearly has to prioritise building of secure cycle parking.

I've already asked County Council officers to explore this possibility for Newnham Croft, which would not only make cycling easier for residents but would also help our local shops. There is currently only a small amount of cycle storage by the CoOp and this vital infrastructure should be improved.

In Newnham and more generally in Cambridge, I'm of the view that the City Council needs to think more creatively about where storage is located. Residential storage should be a priority, as should increased storage in the city centre. It strikes me that there is a lot more potential for storage around local hubs such as pubs, sports and leisure facilities and community centres, however.

Sarah Elizabeth BROWN
(Liberal Democrat)

I do, but there are provisos. The residential streets in Petersfield are cramped, and car ownership is high. There is often competition for spaces. Removing spaces for cars, especially around areas such as pubs and shops, is one half of a strategy to encourage more people to switch modes, as bikes can make much more efficient use of the spaces than cars can. The other half includes working with the car club (i.e. Zipcar) to get more vehicles in Cambridge and make car ownership feel like less a need for people living in these narrow streets. This has to be managed alongside consulting residents.

(Liberal Democrat)

I do support on street cycle parking - but this needs to be undertaken sensitively with other demands on curb space. This is particularly the case in Newnham Croft where there is a high demand. I would want to avoid any steps that would impact the viability of the local shops in Newnham.

This could be something that is considered as part of the residents consultation of possible resident parking options that are being taken forward in Newnham at the moment.

Colin Richard ROSENSTIEL
(Liberal Democrat)

I have recently surveyed residents in one Kite street on the idea of new on-street cycle parking not involving loss of any car parking. There was almost no support. Where there is, maybe on Regent Terrace for example, it could be worth pursuing. Some pubs could do with cycle parking provision on their walls for improved security. I would support City Council financial support for this if requested.

Paul Stuart SAUNDERS
(Liberal Democrat)

Early days: I'm really interested to see how this long-term trial pans out as far as public opinion goes. Interestingly one argument, seldom used, for the on-street cycle parking is to reduce cycle parking on the narrow pavements in Romsey's terraces. This is not simply a narrow car vs. bike argument: parents with buggies and wheelchair users may be real beneficiaries. Many folks have both cars and bikes and need both for different travel needs. Commuting to work and, perhaps, cycling to the town centre. We need to look at this from a wide perspective. For example encouraging use of car clubs could release pressure on car parking and free up more space on-road for cycles, which in turn helps those using our pavements !

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