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Question 2 - we asked:

There is a major shortage of cycle parking all around the city. Cycle theft is over 10% of all reported crime in the County. Do you have any suggestions for locations for cycle parking? Would you be willing to see a very small proportion of on-street car parking being replaced by on-street cycle parking in your ward? How will you work towards a situation where every resident and every worker in every ward can keep a bike safe?

We asked this question in these 14 wards: Abbey, Arbury, Castle, Cherry Hinton, Coleridge, Cottenham, East Chesterton, Histon & Impington, King's Hedges, Market, Newnham, Queen Edith's, Trumpington, West Chesterton.

31 of the 65 candidates (48%) who were asked this question responded as below.

Andrew James BOWER
(Conservative Party)

I do support this idea. I think it is particularly relevant to neighbouring wards, such as Petersfield and Romsey around pubs, shops and terraced houses practically fronting the highway and in the city centre. Kingston Street’s cycle parking is an excellent example, albeit insufficient! I am not sure where in Coleridge the take-up would be quite so high (except from cycling canvassers of course!) but would be interested in any suggestions.

In critical areas it may also be worth converting the odd verge for this purpose - perhaps one that is already mutilated by car parking.

I would like to see more rigorous enforcement by city council planners of our minimum cycle parking standards for developments.

See my blog for further comments on cycle parking and theft:


(Conservative Party)

The problem of efficient anti theft cycle parking has for many years been a necessity for cambridge, i have worked closely with previous conservative councillors on a solution including a parking system with identy tags ,the main location would have t be the railway station or close by as this seems to have the largest build up of bikes in one area.
I would like to work closely with any group on a solution.

Philip James SALWAY
(Conservative Party)

I would need to look around the ward and consult with residents first
but would like to see more cycle parking all over the city- but not to the
expense of car parking spaces. Making it harder to drive into the city
doesn't appear to work in terms of stopping congestion. The best way
is to keep traffic moving and improve park and ride. In an ideal world
the city centre would be pedestrianised except goods vehicles and disabled
access, however this presents more problems for cyclists with pedestrians
wandering in the road. Cambridge gets very busy in the summer and even
cycling can become impossible.

Edward James Anthony TURNHAM
(Conservative Party)

I agree that we need a huge expansion of cycle parking in the City centre and at the Station. New developments in the City centre ought to leave more space for cycle parking. I would personally find this sort of provision more useful than large 1,000+ space parking facilities that would on average be further from my destination, but perhaps others disagree.

I am not aware of any significant shortages of cycle parking in Cherry Hinton ward. Future High Street works, such as the Rectory Terrace forecourt improvements (if they ever happen) should continue to expand cycle parking provision to further encourage cycling. I do not think there is any need to convert on-street parking spaces in the village.

(Conservative Party)

I don't really feel qualified to comment on particular cycle parking issues in the city (apart from the railway station), though I am sure you have them well covered.

In terms of my villages, I am not aware of untidy heaps of bicycles whose riders have been unable to find anywhere to lock them securely, but if any were brought to my attention I would see what could be done.

Alexandra COLLIS
(Green Party)

I would certainly encourage the replacement of on-street car parking with locations for cycle parking. This is a particularly crucial issue in Market Ward which suffers from a particularly high rate of cycle theft. Parking spaces available to cyclists in the ward are often insecure, with the wrong kind of stands. Green Councillors have worked in other areas of the city to introduce extra cycle parking - for example, at Abbey Stadium - but we need to do more. Work needs to be done on cycle parking up near the railway station in particular to encourage people away from relying on their cars.

Jane Sarah ESGATE
(Green Party)

The replacement of some (on street)car parking with secure cycle parking has my backing. This would contribute in part to reclaimation of streets in residential areas for pedestrians and cyclists. I am fortunate to have secure city centre cycle parking provided with my job and I am keen to see other employers do the same and incentives provided to those employees who cycle. Existing businesses, landlords and developers alike must understand Cambridge's unique needs.

Neil Alan FORD
(Green Party)

Elected Green councillors have already made provision for extra cycle parking at Cambridge Utd but there needs to be more around the city. I take my bike on the train to work so am familiar with the problems at the Rail Station and can only hope that when the area is redeveloped they will consider cyclists as an important part of the planning.

Ceri Barbara GALLOWAY
(Green Party)

City Centre offers particularly limited cycle parking space considering the number of cyclists in Cambridge. Examples of places were parking is particularly problematic is at the rear entrance to Lion Yard, which the closest access to the library when carrying heavy cycle bags of shopping or if you wish to shop in Sydney Street. These areas are particularly short of parking places. Sydney St has wide paths with suitable space to increase the number of cycle parking stands, which would benefit all cyclists trying to park in the centre. The station is also another problem area; more parking is needed during the daytime. A 24hr cycle locking facility is required for those wishing to leave bike at the station for a number of days if they are going away for a few days on holiday. If you wish to arrive by bike rather than bus taxi or car before your journey you need to leave a bike secure and be able to return at anytime of the day to pick the cycle on your return. At present it is not possible to pick up a bike from Station Cycles secure facilities after being away unless you are return during the daytime. A consideration to choosing suitable cycle stands in the city so that they offer more support for bikes and easier locking is necessary. All new housing should have secure cycle parking. Developers appear to be unused to the high levels of cycling in Cambridge so require encouragement to provide secure cycle parking in all the new developments to meet resident’s needs. Cambridge Green Councillors are committed to promoting all aspects of safe and secure cycling and recently helped to get cycle stands installed at Cambridge United Ground.

Valerie Teresa HOPKINS
(Green Party)

Myself and my family have been victim to many cycle thefts over the years and this is frustrating when our bicycles are relied upon every day. Cycle parking is always full especially at the Rail Station. I hope that plans for redeveloping the area include sufficient areas for safe locking of bikes. In my ward I am concerned about the shops/takeaways on Cherry |Hinton Road where cars mount the pavement to park and this causes problems for cyclists and pedestrians as cars reverse out onto a main road. I would like to see this parking removed and replaced with cycle parking and perhaps a lay-by instead to allowparking for a few cars or deliveries to those shops.

Brett Mark HUGHES
(Green Party)

Having had two bikes stolen in the city centre in 2 years, I am very keen to see extra cycle parking at the expense of on-street parking. It is obvious that as the population increases, there will be even less space for cars in the future and a positive way of encouraging more cycle use, which is sustainable, healthier and fairer, is to provide adequate cycle parking. I would encourage the continuation of the police initiatives to curb cycle theft. I would also actively campaign for some sensible management of the cycle parking at the Railway station which is appalling.

Stephen Roger LAWRENCE
(Green Party)

Arjuna. Railway Station. West Rd Concert Hall. Leys School (Brookside)

Stephen Martin LINTOTT
(Green Party)

I would happily see some on road parking replaced by cycle parking
Parts of Mitcham Corner particularly if your suggested ideas for the rerouting of the roads around Mitcham Corner was implemented

Donald Allan MCBRIDE
(Green Party)

I would like to see all new development in Cambridgeshire having to provide cycle parking as well as car parking.

Peter Harry POPE
(Green Party)

Bikes are awkward things to park because handlebars are wide. Public facilities should be laid out radially, with a groove in the pavement so that a bike can be easily reversed into the circle. The centre could be used for advertising so that sponsorship can support the funding.
The requirement for cycle parking to be closer to entrances than car parking is highly desirable. How many times have I visited premises and been unable to spot the cycle facilities?

(Green Party)

I have received no suggestions from residents in Queen Edith's for locations for cycle parking. I'm certainly in favour of using a fraction of on-street car parking space to establish metal structures to which cycles can be locked. I would do my best to educate the Queen Edith's population in comparing car ownership and use with cycle ownership and use in terms of resources of energy and materials as well as efficient land use.


Of course it is no use being able to cycle to places if you cannot lock up your bike safely (and ideally undercover) when you get there. I am not happy with the current shape of cycle 'racks', which seem to be an inefficent use of the space. I am sure you could attach double the amount of bikes in the same space with a better design. The railway station particularly suffers from abandoned bikes taking up the spaces and this issue also needs to be addressed, perhaps through the use of 'ticketing' and regular removal of over-staying bikes. The city centre design is badly suited to bike parking and perhaps disused shops could be temporarily used for under-cover cycle parking. I do not think that EVERY residential street needs secure cycle parking as people in most residential areas would keep their bikes at home. I think the focus should be on 'destinations' - such as the Leisure Park, town centre, bus and railway station rather than on-street parking. Maybe an option to pay for more secure parking with the money used to provide the extra security, particularly for long-stay use at eg the railway station.

Gerri BIRD
(Labour Party)

In Cambridge there are a number of good locations for cycle parking. But there are not enough. This is reflected in the cycle theft figures. The city council needs to improve the number of secure cycle parking facilities to mitigate the rise in cycle theft. Matters are not helped by reducing the city council part-time cycle staff to just one, But the rail station should be the main priority.

(Labour Party)

Cambridge is fortunate there are a number of good locations for cycle parking. But there are not enough. This is reflected in the cycle theft figures. The city council have been too slow to improve the number of secure cycle parking facilities to mitigate the rise in cycle theft. Matters are not helped by reducing the city council part-time cycle staff to just one.
I would make the suggestion that it would be good to have some extra cycle parking near the shops in Newnham Croft. But the rail station would be my main priority.

I am broadly in favour of seeing a small proportion of street parking replaced for cycle parking; for instance it might discourage people from driving in to Newnham Croft. However any such move must have the support of all community stakeholders. The Croft shopkeepers could say any reduction in parking might reduce their custom and affect local business so they should be involved in any consultation.

In my view, sorting all these issues out would help to improve the chance that residents and workers can park their bikes safely and securely, plus be confident that when they return it would still be there!

(Labour Party)

As a regular cyclist, I am aware of the marked shortage of appropriate and safe cycle parking relative to car parking particularly at the major termini around the city at the Railway and coach stations as well as across the city centre.

If elected as councillor, I aim to campaign enthusiastically on this issue in conjunction with other Labour councillors to bring into fruition the development of cycle parks either incorporated within existing car parks or separate cycle parks in secure, accessible and convenient areas.

Specifically to the Trumpington ward, I believe the semi-covered cycle park at Fenner's Lawn should be the model to be adopted in any future proposed cycle scheme across the city.

Godson LAWAL
(Labour Party)

Erecting CCTV to overlook most of the cycle parking bays will scare off most of the bike thieves.
Cyclists should be given more considerations and more on-street cycle parking should be provided proportionately to the amount of on-street car parking that we have.
Every resident will definitely love to ride once there are good measures in place to give them that sense of security and safety - more cycle route network linking to the City Centre, good street lighting, low car speed limits, on-street cycle parking and other things that will make cycling more convenient.

(Labour Party)

I think that replacement of some on-street car parking in favour of bicycle parking could well be a very useful means of helping to solve the current shortage, but would have to be done very carefully and in consultation with local residents. There are areas of Cambridge where the problem is critical, such as in Petersfield and the train station, as well as parts of the city centre. By contrast, in Arbury there are fewer areas of terraced housing, for example, where the problem of cycle parking regularly becomes severe. If elected, I would survey local residents in Arbury to find out where residents struggle to park their bikes securely and make sure anything we suggest to alleviate this is resident-led.

(Labour Party)

Cycle parking needs to be available where cyclists begin and end their journeys. I am not sure that limited use of on street parking will meet this need in West Chesterton. I do endorse the provision of a much higher level of cycle parking and certainly in central Cambridge, it needs to be doubled!

Ashley WALSH
(Labour Party)

Cycle parking in the city centre is woefully deficient - it is a major cause of cycling thefts and limits our local economy. We should place individual bars in convenient locations and could place subsantially more parking areas on Parker's Piece, Christ's Pieces and Jesus Green. More room needs to be cleared around the train station for cycle parking.

I would support a small proportion of car parking places to be replaced, but only where it is shown that the spaces are not used. In Castle there is sufficient space to establish new bike parking spaces: this includes outside Shire Hall, on Castle business park, and individual places can be marked out on Huntingdon Road and Madingley Road.

To ensure all bikes can be kept safe, I would campaign to protect spending on our local police. The presence of PCSOs and local officers both prevents crime and ensures criminals can more easily be dealt with. I would also ensure there are sufficient parking places by working regularly with the Cambridge Cycling Campaign on a survey of usage and the changing nature of local residents' needs.

Clare Frances BLAIR
(Liberal Democrat)

There are a few locations in East Chesterton where better cycle parking is needed - the High St shops being a good example, although I am already in discussion with Tesco about improving that but generally there is good space in residential areas for bike storage in the curtilage of most houses. New cycle parking at the Vie development has also just been installed, and improvements made at the Haling Way/Penny Ferry, but I think it will be important to continue to find opportunities to improve cycle parking, encouraging less use of the car for school journeys or some of the travel to work plans for businesses in East Chesterton. New builds also need to have good and secure bike parking facilities and to learn from mistakes - for example experience from the Vie was used creating in the Residential Cycle Parking Guide for developers.

Jonathan Peter CHATFIELD
(Liberal Democrat)

Further cycle parking is required at many locations especially the railway station and city centre. Within Histon and Impington there are good facilities at the Recreation Ground, but we are still lacking in the High Street and at pubs/restaurants. I have spoken out about this and would like to see action taken.

(Liberal Democrat)

This question primarily applies to areas of terraced housing that front directly onto the pavement and that have no access from the road to any cycle parking at the rear of the properties. The only area of Arbury that has properties of this type is the "Castle" triangle between Victoria Road and Chesterton Road. The most recent figures that I have seen for this area showed that it had four residents permits for every three parking spaces. The city council is already working with Streetcar to reduce the number of cars in this area by adding dedicated parking spaces for Streetcars, and by encouraging residents to join the scheme instead of owning (and having to find parking space for) their own vehicles. I have been strongly supportive of this scheme. I would certainly be willing to support the replacement of a small number of on-street car parking spaces with cycle parking provision if there is a demonstrated demand from residents and if it would reduce demand for on-street car parking.

In some places it may also be possible to increase cycle parking provision without reducing the number of on-street residents' parking spaces, for example by using bits of road that are unsuitable for car parking due to issues with sightlines at road junctions, or by reducing the number of pay and display parking spaces.

(Liberal Democrat)

I would support more cycle parking facilities, particularly in the flats/courts areas and near our local shopping centres.

However, this is not an issue raised by residents with me in King's Hedges. Residential parking is at a massive premium and already leads to issues that we are working to resolve, so we need to be careful to not make one problem worse and fail to resolve another.

Andrea Curti REINER
(Liberal Democrat)

A good location for cycle parking would be Christ’s Lane. It seems to be wide enough to accommodate cycle racks and it would be a convenient location.

Another location would be Fisher Square. I would like to see if the cycle racks there could be reinstated.

In principle, I would be willing to see a very small proportion of on-street car parking being replaced by on-street cycle parking, however I feel this has to be evaluated on a case-by-case basis. Car parking in Kite, for example, is already at a premium and so would not be a suitable place for such a plan.

Julie Elizabeth SMITH
(Liberal Democrat)

The lack of cycle parking is a serious issue in the City, compounded by the fact that by definition bikes are mobile, so ensuring someone has a secure parking space at home doesn't help if they can't park securely at their place of work or when out shopping or going out for the evening. In terms of secure cycle-parking at home that is partly a matter for individuals to decide, but the planning process assists in required adequate cycle parking in new developments.

Clearly in Newnham, a lot of cycle parking is provided by Colleges and how well this works is primarily a matter for students and their College; I would hope this is adequate in all cases but would recommend students to talk to their JCR or MCR reps if they feel it is not. The cycle parking rings that the County has put on some lamp-posts, e.g. in Station Road, seem to be a good innovation and I would welcome them in Newnham, particularly in the Croft where this is little space on the pavement for normal cycle racks. In principle I would be happy to see some on-street parking turned over to cycle racks. This would need to be considered very carefully as parking and traffic issues are already a considerable issue in Newnham, particularly on Barton Road and the Croft. I would be happy to explore with the County the option of adding in some cycle parking as part of schemes seeking to reduce other traffic and parking pressures, e.g. could we have some cycle parking in place of car parking on one side of, say, Barton Road and Adams or Herschel Roads?

Elsewhere in the City, I would particularly keen to see more bikes in St. Andrew's Street and by the Corn Exchange. The arrival of the secure cycle-parking at the Grand Arcade is welcome, but since it closes before midnight it isn't always the right option for people out for the evening. I would also welcome additional cycle-parking at the railway station and/or better management of the racks that are currently there. The approach to culling abandoned bikes could be improved and I would be happy to discuss this with the Cycling Campaign and then raise it with the station manager if you feel this would be helpful.

Philip Andrew TUCKER
(Liberal Democrat)

Within Castle ward I have not been advised of any specific problem area however one suggestion would be to have a cycle park at Shire Hall which is walking distance from the city centre, where there is the cycle park under the Grand Arcade.

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